Master is a beautiful friend and Master. We moved to Berlin with a few weeks of each other and stayed at the same temporary accommodation.

Since then we have stayed in touch, and he has been an incredible support for me while I have been dealing with the fallout of my own relationship not working.

Master Tim is an amazing friend. He is an SM author, coach, bondage expert, and an amazing human being. We met a few years ago at the Hoist when I was modelling for a bondage workshop at SM Gays, and since then we’ve stayed in touch growing closer over the last years. Last year in Berlin he was presenting a writers conference, and he invited me to be his bondage model – though what I remember most about it is the woman in the front row knitting. He is one of my rocks as I try and find a Master to serve.

Master Wolf and Master Daniel

I have only just started to get to know Master Wolf and Daniel – two Masters of one of the few leather families I know of in Europe.

In my brief meetings with them I have been very impressed with their maturity – something that is unusual to find in the scene, and also their wish to keep the old guard and leather protocol alive and well.