How or why might a BDSM gay slave beg?

The idea in popular BDSM culture is the idea of a slave being whipped until they cannot stand it, and they beg and beg for the Master to stop.

But this is not what I understand begging to be, and it is not my experience. So let me talk about a different and more profound way to beg.

This article is the second in a series of articles including:

  • The slave soul
  • The role of heartfelt begging (this article)
  • Training the slave soul (coming soon)

Why is begging important in BDSM slavery?

At its simplest, it is because the slave has no power. They have no ability to make any decision. They have no influence on the decision making and can do nothing about it, but one thing: The ability to beg.

So for some Masters, the only way a slave can provide input is through heartfelt begging.

Another role is a slave to beg simply because the Master wishes to. And the slave does this by moving their own ego to the side and allowing the slave self to heartfully beg until the Master wishes the slave to stop. The slave soul is now primary, and so it is natural for the slave to beg.

One a final role, it is a natural and critical part of the slave – to beg and allow the Master to see how much they love Him through the act of begging.

My experience of begging as a BDSM slave

I have never been whipped to the point of begging a Master to stop, and it is not something I have ever wanted. But I have begged, and I have begged for over an hour simply because a Master wanted it.

With my last Master, he was able to bring my slave self to be primary and to move my ego to the side. And because of this, the need to beg was something there was there.

He could have me staring at his boots and let the need to serve them grow and grow until I would beg with all my heart to do that. And with other things as well. To serve His cock, and simply to beg to serve Him in all ways.

When I first moved to Berlin, I remember on the 2nd night begging Him for an hour for the honour of serving Him. He ordered me to beg Him, and then I did speaking and pleading with Him for an hour. At no time was I pretending to beg or acting. It was something that came from my slave soul and heart.

Before I moved closer to Him, I would typically see Him once a month. When I saw him, this need to beg him was not there, or reduced, due to fact I had not seen Him for some time.

It meant when I first saw Him, my ego (my human self) was primary and that need to beg was not there. He would order me to take a step away from Him and then take another step until I was on the other side of the room. Then He would command me to look at Him and just let that need to be closer to Him build and build until I would start to say: “Please Sir, I beg You..”

Once I moved to Berlin and saw Him almost every day, I was able to beg on command whenever He wanted. That place to need Him to beg was there on order.

The power of heartfelt begging in BDSM slavery

There is a vast difference between a slave begging because they are under a whip and it is the only way to make the whipping stop, to a slave who chooses to beg because they want to serve you with all your heart.

When the slave soul is primary, the slave can beg at any time; the slave will beg whenever you want.

This is the power of the heartfelt begging. Because of the connection with the Master, because of the Masters training, and because of the trust; the slave soul can now be primary, and the slave can open up and please and beg.

And this is why I have used the phrase: heartfelt begging.

It is one of the most honest and vulnerable expressions of the slave’s service to you.