I am searching for a 247 Master

I am still unowned and am looking for a Master. I am looking for a Man who understands about the energy and power that exists in a true Master / slave connection. For me I am looking for a Man that has the following:

  • Good emotional intelligence
  • Know how to do BDSM
  • A spiritual and sexual connection
  • A strong curiosity to know the why of things
  • Enough humility to learn from failure
  • Someone who appreciates honesty
  • Someone who can make decisions as good or better than me

I cannot move the USA, but apart from that I am very much able to move globally for the right person – the reason I live in Berlin currently is that I originally moved to be closer to a Master here.

Here is my slave CV

My recon profile contains more information on what I like and some of the things that interest me. But in all honestly the connection to the person and if they have the above are what is the most important.

Due to some interesting and harsh experiences I trust slowly. So I need someone who is happy for us to meet many times over a long term to let that trust build before I put myself fully under their control.

If interested please get in touch on recon.

How I would see the Master I serve: