Limited BDSM Master-slave podcast

In this limited BDSM podcast series, I will interview real people living the real Master-slave lifestyle – all consensual and all in different ways and fetishes. In each episode of this series, I interview Masters and slaves who have been living the 24/7 lifestyle for years.

Over 1000 listeners!

With over 1000 listeners join in and find out what everyone is listening to including a 16-year total power exchange Master/slave relationship, and a 14 year polyamorous Master/slave relationship.

Real Masters and slaves living the real BDSM fetish lifestyle

The aim is to explore how different people can live these relationships, and to explore the actual reality of them, as opposed to the fantasy. Every two weeks I will be releasing a new episode. Welcome to the Master slave lifestyle podcast – All different, all consensual.

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What is coming next on the Master-slave lifestyle podcast

Coming February – BDSM Dan

Latest episodes of the Master-slave lifestyle podcast