I occasionally hold workshops around power exchange and other BDSM topics.

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Understanding power dynamics

  • 30. November, 15:00 – 17:00, Berlin – location TBC
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A “power dynamic” is the way different people or different groups of people interact with each other and where one of these sides is more powerful than the other one.

In this workshop, we will use a tool called “the Kinky Circle of Consent” to understand how power dynamics can work. You will find out how you can use it to have a fantastic session around power dynamics and how to stay safe.

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Past events

Spirituality through domination and submission

Where: Berlin as part of the October Stretch Festival | When: 5pm-7pm

In this workshop, we will create a consensual safe space to explore the energy that exists when in domination or submission. We will mindfully explore the energy and feelings which you will experience as you move yourself into positions of domination and submission, and the energy that exists between yourself and another. This will focus on the spiritual so there will be no pain or S&M involved. Beginners and those who are curious are very much welcomed.