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A community for genuine Master/slaves and those interested to explore the lifestyle in a place where you can truly belong

Do you

Have difficulty finding genuine individuals who truly live the Master/slave lifestyle

Struggle to be vulnerable as you lack a safe and supportive space for discussing and exploring the Master/slave lifestyle

Feel isolated in the BDSM community and struggle to find like-minded individuals to discuss the Master/slave lifestyle

Imagine a place where you can

Connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the Master/slave lifestyle

Find a safe and supportive space to discuss and explore the lifestyle in depth where you feel you belong

Be vulnerable and ask questions without fear of judgement

Finding a Master/slave relationship that aligns with your desires and needs

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The MSL community has helped me to start embracing and understanding my submissiveness.

As I progress in my path and speak with community members, my understanding of my submission increases, and the layers of fear and shame surrounding me are melting away.

After a period of not embracing my sexuality, being part of the community has now meant I have dusted off my cock cage and now wear it with pride. I am now wearing it every day.

MSL is an incredible place with a supportive community for those without one, and I recommend it to all those who want a place to belong and help them on their path to Mastery and slavery.

Since joining the discord server, I have felt less alone and much more supported and validated.

I can raise queries or concerns that feel very personal and vulnerable to me. This is a supportive space for sharing with like-minded people, where my thoughts and feelings will be held in confidence and with due respect.

There is a sense of care and shared experience here. This community offers some structure and understanding for a lifestyle that can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming.

There is an existing awareness or curiosity of the lifestyle between members, which means one is amongst friends, and there is no need to explain oneself or feel self-conscious.

There is also an opportunity to explore courses or coaching with Slave Phil. The discord server is really just an entry point.

After taking a deep breath and deciding to take the plunge, joining up was easy! All I did was click the community tier on Patreon.

As part of the induction, we are asked to respect each other’s privacy and not share screen grabs or images with those outside this circle of trust, including onto other forums or social media.

Once within the server we are encouraged to first identify as a master or slave, but after that, we choose how much or how little we participate and share our own stories.

One can contact other members for private chats, but most discussion generally takes place in the forums. It is a brilliant opportunity to meet people from around the world with various and diverse backgrounds—a real privilege to be a member.

MSL Community is designed to foster open and honest conversations about the needs and depths of slavery and to provide a space where questions are welcomed and encouraged. You won’t find judgment or timewasters here – just genuine people who are passionate about the Master/slave lifestyle.

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Can I find a Master or slave in your community?

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Join Master/slave Community today and discover the true depths of the Master/slave lifestyle in a safe and supportive community. Connect with like-minded individuals and learn from the best as you take the first step in your journey towards becoming a better Master or slave.