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FREE Master/slave Book

DISCOVER how Master/slave relationships work, how to PROTECT yourself and how YOU CAN TAKE THE NEXT STEP

Suitable for people NEW to the scene and EXPERIENCED Masters and slaves. This FREE book provides valuable insights into the psychology of the Master/slave relationship, helping you to take that STEP FORWARD in making the fantasy a reality.

  • Understand what your next steps would be to improve your Mastery or slavery further
  • Identify the qualities of a good Master or slave and how to protect yourself from bad or harmful relationships
  • Know how to improve your current Master/slave relationship
  • Know how to navigate the complex dynamics of Master/slave relationships.
  • Understand why we do the things we do
  • Understand your own pull to the dark side and what to watch out for in your own behaviour
  • Helpful advice on how to improve
  • Formatted for mobile as well as tablet
Image of book on desk