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WHat’s the REALITY?

A book that enables you to unleash yourself safely. A book that explains what power exchange actually is!

Become the Master or slave you’re meant to be and understand the truth of Master/slave and power exchange


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Confront your boundaries, challenge your desires. This is more than a course; it’s a call to awaken your slavery. Confront your fears, embrace your submission.

Act Now – cross the threshold from fantasy to reality.

I’m slave phil

I can help guide you to the Master/slave you truly deserve.

My journey as a slave has led to a global exploration of the Master/slave scene, serving Masters long-term from East Coast Australia to the West Coast of the USA and South Africa to Finland.

My journeys had incredible times but also dark times. But through these, I have learned what the Master/slave lifestyle is and how to live it.

And now I help others to avoid the mistakes I made, to help them find what they really need and their courage to find the Master/slave for them.


I consider him a world-class authority regarding Master/slave and power dynamic relationships

Guy Baldwin

Slave Phil is the guide you want on your journey


My dominant side was there all along. Now that I know this, there is no going back for me!

Master M

I am now going out on the fetish scene, making friends and arranging times to visit and serve Masters!


I can now celebrate my own uniqueness

chastityskin /slave ric

He helped me unleash my beast while keeping me grounded in kindness

Sir Benjamen

“I consider him a world-class authority regarding Master/slave and power dynamic relationships”.

– Guy Baldwin,  psychotherapist, author, activist, and educator

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