The Master/slave Journal

Unlock your deepest desires

& live them

The Master/ slave journal

Not just a book but your own guide, a confidante, and a beacon. If you’re ready to illuminate your path with clarity and confidence, this journal is your key.

What life, slave or Master is right for you?

The Master/slave lifestyle is a choice. But even within this, there are so many options and so many choices. You can choose any sort of life.

Any sort of life. That’s a lot of options.

  • How do I know which life is right for me?
  • Am I really a slave?
  • Do I really want to be a Master?
  • Do I want an M/s relationship or a vanilla or both?
  • Which of my fantasies and desires do I really like, and which do I not?
  • How does my journey in exploring this evolve and change me?
  • And what does this mean for my life?

How do you figure this out?


your fetishes

Your desires

Your Life

& Design your future

The Journal will help you


Clear your mind

Quickly organise your mind and thoughts about what you are feeling and thinking about being a Master or slave


Get direction

Get focused. What are your desires and goals, and what are your resistance to getting there


Process the now

Discover the joy in what you’re doing right now and what gives you joy, in M/s sessions and when talking to Masters or slaves.


Take action

Based on what you know, choose the next action

This is not just a book; it’s a tangible guide, a confidante, and a beacon in the often murky waters of the Master/slave lifestyle. If you’re ready to illuminate your path with clarity and confidence, this journal is your key.

What the journal covers

The Master/slave Journal provides simple tools and worksheets to help you transform how you see yourself and the life you want, one page at a time.

  • Kick-off – a step-by-step guide to kick off the entire process
  • A 30-day slave challenge to transform shame into pride
  • Master/slave list – into which people should you put most of your energy? Use this to help you decide.
  • Goal tracker – keep track of your goals over the next three months.
  • Weekly check-in
  • Sessions reflections – reflections will help you learn from your experiences and what you want to do next.
  • Open writing – to help you reflect through journaling
  • Fear Excercise – Deal with fear
  • Safety checklist
  • Quarterly refresh
  • Plus more

Become the author of your own story

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