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Do you want to become an amazing Master or slave?

Tom of Finland as a Warrior

Want to know the reality of dehumanis­ation and control?

Are you blocked with shame, fear or something else?

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Master or slave, Dominant or submissive, Daddy or boy…

However you describe the relationship, it’s hard to understand the unique energy and connection that exists in power exchange

  • What makes power exchange so compelling that it can consume our life
  • How can we unleash our primal beast and keep ourselves and others safe?
  • How do we feel so alive when we have this connection with someone else
  • How we fear being pulled into the shadow and darkness if we indulge it – or go too deep

Through 2 years of research, I’ve broken down power exchange into 4 key parts in my book Light & Shadow



Tom of Finland as a Warrior



Each part breaks down a key component of power exchange, allowing you to understand power and become an expert at using it or submitting to it!

What the book covers

  • What is the light and shadow in Master/slave and power exchange relationships?
  • Master as a Warrior, and slave as a Warrior
  • Master as a Magician, and slave as a Magician
  • Master as a Lover and slave as a Lover
  • Master as a King and slave as a King
  • The Heart Centered Master and the Heart Centered slave
  • Each part of the book clearly explains where Master and slave should aim if they want to be the best they can be
  • And also the shadow that the Master and slave need to be aware of. So they can avoid becoming it themselves and also protect themselves from others
  • Actions on how to improve

It’s a system I use with my clients worldwide, helping them become the best Masters or slaves they can be. And how they can safely unleash their primal selves and desires.

What makes this book different?

  • It’s not overwhelming: I’ve taken a complex hard to understand the concept (power exchange) and made it really simple to follow and read
  • It’s entertaining and easy to follow: The book has real-life examples and pop culture references to help you understand
  • Focused on actions: Reading is nice, but this book helped you move forward and be the best Master/slave or even take your first steps in experiencing this lifestyle
  • Proven: Based on proven psychological research around Jungian Archetypes
  • Formatted for mobile as well as tablet
  • You even get a companion email course helping you to understand power exchange even more

Not sure this is for you?

Don’t worry about time.

Only 15 minutes a day of reading will help you significantly move forward. It has even been designed to be easy to read on mobile.

You CAN move forward and become a Master/slave

Unleash your beast. There is a lot of shame, fear and a need to protect yourself. Many people (including many of my clients) struggle to embrace this part of themselves. Light and shadow covers all of this, and what stops you from moving forward and what steps you can take to move forward finally.

Not advanced enough?

Light and Shadow has been written for the beginner just starting out in the Master/slave Lifestyle and the advanced Master/slave. No matter your experience, you will find there is a lot to learn.

I don’t define myself as a Master or slave?

This book covers how power exchange works. So, even if you use a different term to define yourself, this book helps you move deeper into power exchange.

About slave phil

Phil has been in the Master/slave Lifestyle for over 20 years.

His need to be a slave has led to a global exploration of the Master/slave scene, serving Masters long-term from East Coast Australia to the West Coast of the USA and South Africa to Finland.

Phil helps others to avoid mistakes and to help them find what they really need and the courage to find the right Master/slave for them.


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Is this an ebook?

Yes! This is an ebook that has been custom formatted to work on mobile, tablet or computer.

Will this be available as a physical book?

Not yet. If you are interested in this, send me an email at contact (@) Once enough people show interest, I will consider making a physical book.

Can I get a refund?

No. Since this is an electronic book, all purchases are considered final.

Other questions?

Please feel welcome to send me an email at contact (@), and I will be glad to respond.