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How to become a Master or slave course

Do you want to find a Master/slave?

Give me 2.5 hours and I’ll guide you in finding your Master or slave to make the fantasy a reality.

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Do you feel unable to take the next steps to find your Master or slave?

Now you can move forward and make the fantasy a reality

Imagine waking up in the familiar comfort of your cage, your cock as hard as it gets in its chastity belt. Master will soon be present with your morning directions. 

Imagine waking up and seeing the boots of your Master. You kiss them and then look up to see those fantastic eyes looking down at you, proud of his property. Proud of you!

Imagine the 9 to 5 day is finally over, and you walk back home through the door. Your slave has cooked your favourite meal. Your slave reports to You to await a very kinky evening, the rest of the world forgotten.

What will you get from the course?

  • Help you figure out what you want and how you can safely find it
  • How to deal with blockers including shame and fear
  • Split large decisions into small easy steps
  • Simplify the search

Who is it for?

For Masters and slaves, Dominants and submissives wanting a relationship

People who want to bring Master/slave kink into their relationship(s)

People who want to explore outside of their existing relationship(s)

People who want to find someone special for intense Master/slave play

What is in the course?

2.5 hours of video content over 4 modules 

Practical exercise sheets that move you forward

All in bite-sized chunks so you can learn at the speed that is best for you


“I watched the slave’s face light up”

I feel I have gained so much from this course. The biggest result for me has been what I learned about myself and how I’ve grown from that knowledge. Especially the analogy of the lantern in the dark (damn, I love that).

The tools helped me to identify what I feel like I want and how to then examine these feelings. For example, I’m finding it easier to speak with my partner about what I want for the future and not feel ashamed or embarrassed.

This very morning, I was speaking to a potential slave and, using what I learned from the course, unlock an issue that was stopping us from progressing. I watched the slave’s face light up as I did it, and we are now chatting about the possibilities of him serving me.

It has been such a great investment!

Master Jim

I am now a better Master


I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Become a Master/slave course.

I have been part of the M/s lifestyle for over a decade. This course has reinforced much of who I am and what I do as a Master is working. It has helped me keep myself in check and not drift towards the “dark side.” But also that I guide any slave I am training or own to fulfil their slave soul so that they may live the life embedded deep inside of themselves.

One part of the course was entitled “Importance of Exploring.” This section was great. It reminded me that only through continued experiences and exploration will I be able to hone in on who I really am as a Master.

This course has reminded me that as long as I am on a positive path to make sure I continue to improve who I am, be willing to change, right the wrongs in my life, and above all – be in the moment and have fun and enjoy life, then I will walk my Master path with my head held high.

The course has helped me become a better Master. The course has allowed me to discover and understand who I am and how to let the growth and manifest inside myself.


“The Course provides lots of practical advice on becoming a Master/slave.”

Whether you are just exploring a Power Exchange relationship, or like me, an already a collared slave for 9 years, the Master/slave Course provides lots of practical advice on becoming a Master/slave.

The modules are easy to follow and can be taken at your own pace and schedule. At the same time, the exercises are really helpful regardless of experience level. I recommend the course for anyone interested in beginning or deepening a Master/slave relationship.

slave jimmy, Portland, Oregon

The course has taught me to stand back and reflect on what I actually want”

Sir Jim talking about his 3 year TPE Master/slave relationship

I appreciated the structure and starting with the basics. Much that I had incorrectly previously assumed about the M/s.

Although I only had small experience and am new to the M/s lifestyle concept – I am in the (fortunate) position of being approached by a Master for ownership.

I want to accept as I feel honoured, excited, and desire power exchange, but I am full of fear and trepidation. But the fear section of the course helped with my fear.

The course has taught me to stand back and reflect on what I actually want and to ask questions of the Master about how He defines ownership, etc so I can make decisions regarding ownership.

“It has helped me begin learning more about who I am and what I want and seek.”

— Course particpant

Another comment from the course

I love the small steps in dealing with fear and unpicking emotional and rational fears.

I also loved the reflection on dealing with a lifetime’s worth of shame & how to counteract this with love, compassion and empathy with myself.

And loved the emphasis on journaling to understand myself.

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