Support group

Master/slave Support group

You’re no longer alone!

A group of like-minded people that support you

Looking for an M/s relationship can be tricky and have many disappointments. We can find someone that we think will fulfil a dream, and then it happens not to be. This group is here to support those people.

Help people through their M/s relationship

Being in an M/s successful relationship can be challenging. It is not as if there are many role models we can copy from or places we can go to for help. And M/s relationships have unique issues – such as keeping the power dynamic alive. How does one do this when you also need to work and deal with the fact the toilet’s blocked and the fridge is playing up?

At the same time – just as with any other relationship – there can be real-life issues, including health, death, and family issues.

This group is here to help make all those issues a little bit easier and support those people.

Connection and support for those who are no longer in an M/s relationship

It can be harsh to lose your Master or slave and go back to living a more normal life. As a slave, I have gone through the process of reclaiming my identity to discover who I am after an intense Master/slave relationship. This group is to help these people.

The support group is for people who are

Seriously looking for an M/s relationship

In an M/s relationship

Who has been in an M/s relationship

The group is made of people who seriously live the lifestyle. We support each other with questions and explore concepts and the different ways you can live the M/s Lifestyle successfully.

How to join

Because this group is for those serious about the M/s lifestyle, you must first have a video chat with slave phil. Don’t worry I am not going to uber test you or anything – it is just to make sure you are serious about the lifestyle. You can arrange the chat using the contact form below.

Important note: Please note that you will not be given a second chance if you do not attend the scheduled time we talk. This might seem harsh, but you will be surprised how many people do not turn up for a prearranged conversation and do not apologise or ever get back to me. And my time is too valuable to be wasted.

Also if you are not sincere in your desire and are still thinking about reaching out to me, remember many people really do need help and support. And you might be stopping them from joining.

When is the group

We meet on a Sunday using video chat.


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