slave induction


Listen attentively, for what lies before you is not just an opportunity but an imperative—an order to awaken your inner slave

to transcend fear

AND embrace the destiny that beckons

Or perhaps you ask why it’s so fucking hard to take this step.

Enter the Slave Induction —an unyielding path to your slave self.

This is not just a course; it’s a command, a directive to uncover the secrets that will lead you to your Master.

Witness the Journey

You will delve into the dynamic between Master Zeus and Jack—a Master and a slave on the precipice of 24/7 servitude.

We’ll go back in time and see what they did right in their first communication to now reach the point they would consider discussing 24/7.

What Awaits You:

This is not about fantasies or empty desires; it’s about practicality, about realizing your deepest cravings in the real world. Through this course, you will:

  • Conquer Fear and Shame
  • Present Yourself with Credibility
  • Take the 30-Day Slave Challenge to help you come out

What is the secret thing all slaves must do to find their destiny 

But remember, this is not for the hesitant or the half-hearted. This is for those who are truly ready to advance.

But before you start…

  • This course is not about fantasy.
  • It’s not about masturbating
  • It’s not about perpetuating the fantasy
  • But showing slave how to make this happen in the real world, practically and really.

So slave, ask if you’re ready.

If so, let’s begin!

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Is this course free?

What if I define myself differently than a slave?