Financial challenges and considerations for Total Power Control Master/slave relationships

When it comes to M/s relationships with more profound forms of control that include finances, there are other considerations to consider.

Preparing for Financial Emergencies in Master/Slave Relationships

Another important note is what happens in an emergency. What if the Master is rushed to the hospital? Can the slave or other members of the household access funds in an emergency?

When I was seven years old (in the 1980s), my father broke his knee, which led to him being in hospital for 1-2 weeks. My mom was a stay-at-home mom. My Dad had refused to give my mom access to the family bank account – or any of the utility bills. So, with my Dad in hospital, my mom was unable to access funds or pay bills.

Luckily, she did have access to the children’s savings account as she had set them up. So she used these until Dad was out of hospital and able to go to the bank.

These issues can happen when we least expect them, and any Master must consider them before they occur. 

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Planning for Long-Term Financial Security in Power Dynamics

There can also be other unexpected issues to consider if a slave has no access to finances for an extended period.

For example, access to credit – such as getting a credit card or loan.

This occurs to many housewives of my parent’s generation. They never had a credit card and, therefore, have no credit history.

When I worked in a shop that did store credit cards, many housewives were shocked when they were declined for a card. Part of their shock was that they had never been in debt. So why were they being rejected for a card?

But this was not why they were rejected. Instead, they were declined as they had no credit history.

So if a slave has no access to credit for many, many years, will this cause an issue in the future for him when the Master is not around? Find out more about lack of credit here.

Does the slave have the skills to budget? 

If someone has spent years not having to worry about money or ever needed a budget, can they do this? It is a skill that needs work and development to be good at it. If someone has not had to manage a budget for years and finds themselves in a tight position financially, they will struggle for a while as they need to gain the skills to deal with the situation.

This is not hypothetical; I do know of slaves who have struggled with this exact issue after their Master died.

Who has access to the bank accounts 

  • Are they separate or together
    • Can the Master access the slave?
    • Can the slave access their own account?
    • Can the slave access the Master’s account?
  • Is there a join householder account the slave can access?
  • Is there an emergency account the slave can access in an emergency

What happens at the end of the relationship?

This might be death. There are numerous slaves I have supported after the death of the Master. 

Good Masters will have a plan in place for this eventuality.

  • Does another Master take control – even if it is temporary? 
  • Does another member of the household take control? 
  • Can the slaves take over the finances themselves? 

It is also worth considering the legal implications of death and the passing on of possessions in the country you are living in. With some, a person can direct the property and money to whom they dictate. In other countries – for example, France – it is shared amongst the family even if there is will

In these cases, there can sometimes be family members who want the money and insist the house is sold even if the wishes of the Master were for the slave to stay in the house.

And if the slave has not worked, is there a security for the slave? If the slave has worked but the Master has controlled all of the slave’s finances, can the slave easily take over?

For example, if the slave has no idea what their account number is or username or login for their account, how can they access it?

This is why some Masters prefer the slave still to have access to their account and to ask permission or direct what the slave does, so in this situation, the slave can easily access all their money.

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