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My name is slave phil, and I have been in the S&M scene since I was 20. Ever since I was a young 4-year-old, I remember having thoughts on submission and domination. On day 2 of having the internet, I came across some websites, including www.thedoghouse.org (no longer live). This helped me realise I was not alone in wanting to live this life.

Like most people, I started out with fantasies about 24/7. It was only after my first relationships I realised that I had the hope they would turn into a real Master/slave relationship. But the Masters I served only wanted to play as Master/slave and to have a more mainstream relationship). With that realisation, I started a journey and exploration to find a 24/7 Master and to discover what sort of life would be right for me.

My journey as a slave has led to a global exploration of the Master/slave scene, serving Masters long-term from East Coast Australia to the West Coast of the USA and South Africa to Finland. 

And it also led to me journeying into myself to understand who I truly am – both my light and shadow and how much more there is to still explore.

Through my exploring and voyaging, I discovered that for me, connection and submission through slavery is the life I want to live.

My journey’s had incredible times, but there have also been dark times. But it has been through these I have learnt what the Master/slave lifestyle truly is and how to live it.

My life’s purpose is to help others – be they Masters or slaves – and to guide and help them find their way. To help them live their real selves. To help make their fantasy become a reality.

I help them when they are hurt at the end of a relationship. I help them make their first steps into the lifestyle, to discover what they really want, and to find their Master or slave.

I help experienced people understand new concepts and help them understand the intense thoughts and feelings we discover and experience in this lifestyle.

I have sometimes felt very alone in my dark times, and in creating this website and podcast, I wanted to make sure no one needs to walk the path alone or find their way in the dark.

I am globally recognised for my expertise in the Master/slave Lifestyle, having conducted workshops at prestigious venues worldwide, such as CLAW in the USA and gay-BDSM.club, Recon London Full Fetish, The Stretch Festival, and The Village in Berlin.

My insights and experiences have made me a sought-after voice in this field, leading to numerous interviews on various international podcasts. Additionally, my written contributions, exploring the depths and nuances of the Master/slave Lifestyle, have been featured in many fetish magazines around the globe.

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I am now a world-class authority on Master/slave and power exchange relationships, and I now work as a Master/slave coach helping Masters and slaves to take the next step in the Master/slave Lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, or looking for your first Master/slave relationship or want to deepen your current one, I can help you take the next step.

With over a decade of experience as an international executive coach, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned organisations, including BBC, the largest broadcaster globally, and ITV, the leading commercial broadcaster in the UK.

During my time in Berlin, I successfully worked for a number of international startups, where I contributed to their incredible success stories, collectively generating over $100 million in revenue.

My role extended beyond coaching; I played a pivotal role in transforming their organisational cultures into high-performance cultures through strategic change initiatives and coaching 1:1 with critical people across the startups.

Additionally, I have taken on a meaningful role in my local community by coaching the founders of various impactful gay community projects here in Berlin.

My coaching journey has been all-encompassing, spanning every echelon of organisations – from visionary founders and C-level executives to directors and emerging leaders taking their first steps in their careers.

My academic background includes a Master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the prestigious University of Warwick (part of the Russell Group, the English equivalent of an Ivy University).

I’ve written a book

I have written a book about the psychology of Master/slave relationships.

Discover how Master/slave relationships work, how to protect yourself and how you can take the next step.

Suitable for people NEW to the scene and EXPERIENCED Masters and slaves. This FREE book provides valuable insights into the psychology of the Master/slave relationship, helping you to take that STEP FORWARD in making the fantasy a reality.

“I consider him a world-class authority regarding Master/slave and power dynamic relationships”.

– Gay Balwin,  psychotherapist, author, activist, and educator

Other podcasts I featured in

I have been featured on a number of other podcasts talking about the Master/slave Lifestyle.


In this episode, I join the KinkyBoys for a talk about Slavery as a lifestyle. We cover how I became a 24/7 slave, what to look for in an M/s relationship, the challenge of maintaining roles in a long-term relationship, how a power exchange relationship can help you develop and what red flags to look out for when picking a Dominant.

Listen here

The Meaningful Life

In this mainstream podcast, I talk about Master/slavery.

What is it like to step away from individual freedom and enter into a life of submission and domination? 

I talked with Andrew about the ways in which this lifestyle challenges social norms – why WOULD someone want to be controlled?

Listen here

Full Cow Podcast

In this Full Cow Podcast Edge shares his journey into submission and talks with me about my experience and the resources I have created to help people wanting to join the Master/slave Lifestyle.

Listen here


I regularly run workshops at CLAW and the Village.Berlin Stretch Fesitval around Master/slave relationships. At the most recent CLAW in Cleveland, I ran workshops on How to Find a Master/slave and How to have a successful Master/slave relationship.

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