About me

My name is phil, and I have been in the S&M scene since I was 20. Ever since I was a young 4 year old I remember having thoughts on submission and domination. On day 2 of having the internet, I came across some websites, including www.thedoghouse.org, to find I was not alone in wanting to live this life.

Over the next 16 years I’ve been on a voyage of discovery, finding out that for me, connection and submission through slavery is the life I want to live.

As most people, I started out with fantasies about 24/7. But the relationships ended up in the vanilla end. And then I realise that every relationship I started I had the hope it was a Master/slave. With that realisation, I started when I started to explore and experiment to see if I could find a 24/7 Master.

But what I first found was confusion when I found the reality was so different. I have also been horrendously hurt trying to find a Master, but in each experience  – both good and bad – I have made to sure to learn. And slowly over time, I have the beginning of understanding.

I am still searching for a Master.

If you would like to find more about me – here is my recon profile.

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