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About me

My name is slave phil, and I have been in the S&M scene since I was 20. Ever since I was a young 4-year old I remember having thoughts on submission and domination. On day 2 of having the internet, I came across some websites, including www.thedoghouse.org. This helped me realise I was not alone in wanting to live this life.

Like most people, I started out with fantasies about 24/7. And after my first relationships, I realised that I had the hope they would be a real Master/slave (but they all want to play at Master/slave and have a more mainstream relationship). With that realisation, I started to explore to find a 24/7 Master and to discover what sort of life would be right for me.

My journey as a slave has led to a global exploration of the Master/slave scene, serving Masters long-term from East Coast Australia to the West Coast of the USA and South Africa to Finland. Through my exploring and voyaging, I discovered that for me, connection and submission through slavery is the life I want to live.

My journey’s had incredible times but also dark times. But through these, I have learnt what the Master/slave lifestyle truly is and how to live it.

My life’s purpose is to help others – be they Masters or slaves – and to guide and help them find their way and to help them live their real selves. I help them when they are hurt at the end of a relationship. I help them make their first steps into the lifestyle, discover what they really want, and find their Master or slave. I help experienced people understand new concepts and help them understand the intense thoughts and feelings we discover and experience in this lifestyle.

I have sometimes felt very alone in my dark times, and in creating this website and podcast, I wanted to make sure no one needs to walk the path alone or find their way in the dark.

I love talking to other people and finding out where they are in their quest to find a Master/slave, so You can set up a video meeting to talk with me here or use the contact form below.

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