I am searching for a 24/7 Master

What am I looking for?

All my life, I have lived to serve – my life’s purpose: to serve its Master in all ways. I am looking for that special Master, a man that can mould, drive, restructure me into the kind of animal he wants.

I have many different aspects to my slavery:

Animal and gimp

A human muscled animal that needs to have a personal growth experience of being transformed into a magnificent animal property. To be transformed, debased, dehumanised/dehumanised through total power exchange to the Master’s final aim.

An animal/subhuman to live caged and bound when not serving its Master, 24/7 as its primary relationship.

I would provide service like an ordinary slave, but also be objectified as a gimp slave, and transformed into an animal. I do not know why, but to be transformed is a principal aim of my life.

Serving and enabling a Man to be all He can be

Opposite to the above: Where there are normal moments, still working, “normal service”, and giving to someone to allow them to be the best they can be. A journey together where we change the world.

But when it comes down to it

It is the connection and trust that counts. When I meet the right Master, it does not matter what sort of slavery. To me the connection is spiritual.

I look for a Man that has that inner strength and self-worth, that can grow and develop me. I am aware that with my knowledge and blog, I can come across as intimidating. But if You are one of those special Men, please reach out to me, I can help build you up – You only need ask. There is no weakness in a slave, helping a great Man to turn into a great Master.

More information on my recon profile.

What you need to be

  • Good emotional intelligence
  • Know how to do BDSM – or willing to learn
  • A spiritual and sexual connection
  • A strong curiosity to know the why of things
  • Enough humility to learn from failure
  • Someone who appreciates honesty
  • Someone who can make decisions as good or better than me


I am able to move globally for the right person – the reason I live in Berlin currently is that I originally moved to be closer to a Master here.

Want to know more?

Here is my slave CV


Get in touch from my contact form, or on recon.