Articles on How to become a gay 24/7 Master/slave

This section of the website is a unique collection of blog articles on how to become a gay 24/7 Master or slave. The collection includes many topics on how to authentically live this lifestyle of 24/7 slavery. The blog includes articles on to be a good Master or slave, and what is needed to successfully have a Master/slave relationship and the importance of self-reflection. Available for anyone that is interested but with a focus on male-identified gay Masters and slaves.

There are 6 categories split into three main areas:

How to have an unbelievable BSDM Master/slave relationship

Articles on how to have a successful and unbelievable BDSM Master/slave relationship centred on genuine, authentic gay Master/slave relationships. These articles focus on the practical reality of making these relationships work.

The right way to end a BDSM Master/slave relationship

Although we hope it will not happen, there is a right way To End A BDSM Master/slave Relationship. These articles explore how both Master and slave should act and what the fetish community could do.

Thoughts of my life's journey as a slave

These articles are some of my personal thoughts and reflections of my life’s journey as a slave and my voyage to becoming a Master’s 24/7 TPE gay slave.

Rare ways to bring spirituality and community to BDSM

Find out about some of these rare ways to bring spirituality and community to BDSM, and bring these powerful and unique techniques into the 24/7 gay slavery lifestyle.