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I’ve been living the Master/slave lifestyle for over 20 years. There have been amazing moments in this journey, and moments of trials and tribulations.

Master/slave Lifestyle was created to help and support people through that journey, and to make it less lonely.

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From the gimp – G5257

I have spent a fair portion of my life looking for a real 24/7, TPE, Master/slave relationship. Being someone who grew up in kink during the 80’s and 90’s, and working in a local leather shop during part of that time, I knew these types of relationships existed, but finding one for myself was not an easy thing. I was too wrapped up in my own head about all the “what-ifs”.

As I am at long last looking at the real possibility of such a relationship, I knew there was work I needed to do to organize and better myself before presenting my gift of service to my potential Master. But again, that work seemed daunting and I wasn’t sure where to start.

I stumbled across a Twitter post from @Brotherhood_SM and something clicked. Several posts later I made the decision to subscribe and see what kind of information was available. That was the best decision I have made in the last ten years!

There is so much real world advice and information available. I knew I had found a resource that could help me get myself organized. But more than that, I discovered things about myself that had been stumbling blocks on my path. Things that I have been working on to improve myself and make me more of a valuable asset to the life of my potential Master. And, I no longer felt like the odd man out in our world of instant gratification.

My potential Master has noticed a difference and is proud of the commitment I’ve made to be/do better, not just for Him, but for myself. This wouldn’t have been possible without Master/slave Lifestyle.

Master/slave Lifestyle is well worth the subscription, and I highly recommend it for both aspiring slaves looking to enter a 24/7 relationship, but also the Masters looking for the slave best suited to their desires. This definitely isn’t a hookup site, but it can help you become a better version of you capable of finding the compatible Master/slave you seek.

gimp – G5257

Why does Master/slave Lifestyle need support?

The website, the podcast, the technology behind Master/slave Lifestyle all cost money, including the hosting of the website itself, the podcast, photography and more, and as I do more things and the website becomes more popular, the cost climbs.

And as Master/slave lifestyle evolves, it is becoming a unique worldwide information resource, that I want to continue to develop for all the community to take advantage of.

By using Patreon, and joining the Master/slave community, anyone who really believes in the community and the content can help support me and contribute to the cost of the website and podcast. And further on, people’s contribution will help with future projects.

Other questions

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a website that helps people to join a community of a creator and support them for making the stuff you love.

Do this mean I need to pay to view content or listen to the podcast?

No. The website and podcast will always be free. People can still contact me, asking for help and support, all for free. The concept of MasterSlaveLifestyle.com is for it to be an easily accessible resource to help people seeking 24/7 lifestyle slavery. I never want to change that. Patreon is another dimension to MasterSlaveLifestyle.com, allowing people to directly contribute to it and the wider community of Masters and slaves in general.

Have you though about adding other benefits?

I would love to hear your feedback on what you would like – if anything! 

Will you be doing anything else outside of membership?

I may look at adding advertising or sponsorship to the website, along with maybe a shop. I will experiment and see what works and what does not. Patreon membership is one of those experiments.