Master’s Vault Subscription

Total power exchange Master

Get over $220 of content and perks for only $64.99

Leather men and pride parade: Join the Master/slave Lifestyle

Join the Master/slave community

A supportive community of Masters and slaves that can support and mentor you while providing a place for you to belong.

What do you get with the Master’s Vault Subscription

  • Course: 5 Secrets to Finding a Master/Slave
  • Course: How to become a Master/slave
  • E-Book – Exclusive access to my book Light and Shadow
  • Community – A Supportive Community Platform: Engage with fellow Master/slave enthusiasts in a safe and supportive online space.

Normally, this comes with a total cost of $220

But with the subscription, you save over $150 dollars

Plus, more to come

More workshops and content will be unlocked in the future, including:

  • Create a Master/Slave Resume
  • Master and Leadership
  • Exclusive Access to Workshops
  • How to Decide to Become a 24/7 Slave
  • What is Power?
  • Kinky Circle of Consent
  • Maturing Mindset
  • Slave Archetype: The Heart-Centered Slave


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