Bespoke Coaching

Are you ready to transform, go deeper and truly begin?

Already exploring your fetishes and want to go deeper?

  • Do you want something more intense?
  • Perhaps even ownership?
  • But you are scared to unleash yourself
  • Or you don’t know where to draw the line between your more sadistic and depraved fantasies

Or are you a beginner?

You want to take the first steps, but you never do. Instead, you remain where you are

  • Sitting on your couch
  • Scrolling on the phone
  • Masturbating, drinking, keeping busy
  • Always wanting to move forward but never taking the step forward

now you can go deeper

You can become a Master or slave AND thrive in all areas of your life – including your career

Imagine instead

Master’s eyes

Waking up and seeing the boots of your Master. You kiss them and then look up to see those fantastic eyes looking down at you, proud of his property. Proud of you!

Forget the world

You’ve had a successful 9 to 5 day as a leader of your team at work. But now the day is finally over, and you now await a very kinky evening with your Master, the rest of the world forgotten.

Your slave patiently waiting

You relax on the sofa watching TV or playing a game, and you have your naked slave – gagged, hooded and plugged – patiently waiting at your feet for your next order.

Your caged Property

You let your slave out of the cage. It automatically worships your boots and then with a single word goes to prepare your coffee and breakfast.

How can you go deeper?

With bespoke coaching customised to your needs

  • That moves you deeper
  • Allows you to take those next steps
  • To find ownership
  • To unleash yourself safely
  • And to also thrive in the normal world
  • With one of the world’s experts in Master/slave psychology and mindset

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I’m slave phil

I can help guide you to the Master/slave you truly deserve.

My journey as a slave has led to a global exploration of the Master/slave scene, serving Masters long-term from East Coast Australia to the West Coast of the USA and South Africa to Finland.

My journeys had incredible times but also dark times. But through these, I have learned what the Master/slave lifestyle is and how to live it.

As a world-class authority in Master/slave and power exchange relationships I now help others to avoid the mistakes I made, to help them find what they really need and their courage to find the Master/slave for them

How it works

The Coaching Programme covers the entire journey from building your confidence so you can stop worrying about what other people think of you to find the right Master/slave that suits your life. Along with how you can build confidence and thrive in the normal world!

And if you are already experienced, I work with you to help you go deeper and unleash yourself and find the relationship that is right for you.

Each signature coaching program is adapted to your bespoke needs and where you are – from finding a slave to deepening your current relationship

The Process

My coaching can use one or all of these steps depending on your needs.

1. Come out and build confidence

Discovering what you want in the Master/slave lifestyle can be challenging as there are so many different versions. So I work with you to find out the sort of Master/slave you think you want to be – for example, do you want a full-time 24/7 Master/slave or someone who is a partner and a Master/slave?

We also work on your fears or shame about becoming a Master/slave and transform this into confidence. For example, a fear of giving control up to someone. By working on your blockers and discovering what sort of Master/slave you want to be, you can move forward on your search to find a Master/slave without having to second-guess yourself.

2. Discover what you want and enjoy

We will work together to create easy methods for you to reflect on your experiences as a Master/slave to figure out what you really want. We do this because it is hard to know the difference between what we think we want to what we actually need in the early stages of our search. For example, do you really want to be in bondage all the time? You can find this out quickly through an easy technique such as bullet journaling and will not have to worry if you are going after the right thing. You’ll leave with an initial action plan on experiences you want to find the Master/slave for you.

3. Attract the right Master/slave for you

We will work together to write the best profile based on what you want and what you can offer to attract incredible Master/slaves that fill your needs the best. As there are so many fakes and time-wasters out there, this work will help you look credible and reduce the time spent on fantasists. Instead, you can focus on finding the real deal – a Master or slave!

We will teach you how to communicate with potential Master/slave partners- for example, how to speak submissively.

Doing this means you can feel attractive and happy while also feeling confident that you have clearly communicated expectations, boundaries and limits in a way both of you have understood. This way, there will be no unpleasant surprises when you start meeting Masters/slaves to find the one of your dreams.

4. Deepen the relationship

We will teach the best ways a Master and slave can communicate without leaving their roles or needing to fight. For example, how to communicate when there is a problem or frustration building between the Master and slave. This is because new Master/slave relationships can often have many problems and issues, and successful M/s relationships have solved these problems through well-protocoled communication. We will also cover how to make open relationships involving polyamory work.

We also work on how you can safely unleash your inner desires and get what you need consensually, without harm and also have some of the most intense scenes and sex you’ve ever experienced.

All of this allows you to feel more secure about the relationship and how to keep a Master/slave when you find one.


When searching for a Master/slave, there can be disappointments. For example, what happens when a relationship does not work out or someone you really like changes their mind about meeting up? We go through techniques and practices you can use to get through these moments quickly so you can focus on finding the Master/slave for you.

Or when you start to realise the difference between reality and fantasy, you can be disappointed. But often, there are amazing ways to make the fantasy work in reality – we will discover what these are for you in the coaching sessions!

6. Deepen Ownership

When you find a Master/slave with whom you deeply connect, there can still be a lot of fear of going deeper. We will cover how to communicate well with your Master and how you can both go deeper in power exchange safely and confidently and unleash yourself!

Email me to book a free 20-minute call

And find out how I can help you on the next step of your Master/slave journey

Do you feel blocked?


Do you struggle to know how to be a Master or slave and also live in a normal society?


You see a Master or slave online you would love to meet, but you play it safe as you’re too anxious to take the next step


You know this is something you want as you think about it all the time, but you have no idea how to take the next step safely


Have shame for being into this kink stuff and worry what other people would think of you.

My coaching will unblock you and transform your doubt, shame and fear into confidence, clarity and action


I consider him a world-class authority regarding Master/slave and power dynamic relationships

Guy Baldwin

Slave Phil is the guide you want on your journey


My dominant side was there all along. Now that I know this, there is no going back for me!

Master M

I am now going out on the fetish scene, making friends and arranging times to visit and serve Masters!


I can now celebrate my own uniqueness

chastityskin /slave ric

He helped me unleash my beast while keeping me grounded in kindness

Sir Benjamen

“I consider him a world-class authority regarding Master/slave and power dynamic relationships”.

– Guy Baldwin,  psychotherapist, author, activist, and educator

“Slave Phil is the guide you want on your journey”


When I started my journey as a submissive, I dove deep – hitting the bars, surfing the net, you name it. But stumbling upon and slave phil’s insights was a game-changer. His straightforward approach and the depth of topics covered really struck a chord with me. Seeing him run a workshop at Virtual CLAW impressed me, and after a discovery call, I sealed the deal by taking him up on his coaching – his genuine, no-nonsense take on the M/s lifestyle was exactly what I needed.

The decision to sign up with Slave Phil wasn’t easy. But let me tell you, his coaching is the real deal. Slave Phil’s got this incredible ability to listen – I mean, really listen. He has this ability to hear the heart stuff that all too frequently is glossed over by our head: our fears, our shame, and our worries about what others might think. He can cut through the emotional clutter and point out matters that block transformation, bringing them to light and suggesting ways forward for personal growth.

His personal experience on both sides of the M/s dynamic adds an invaluable layer of authenticity and insight.

The most tangible result from his coaching? It’s his skill in uncovering the underlying layers of our conversations. His knowledge of psychological archetypes, combined with his extensive experience, provides a unique perspective. This has led me to shed negative aspects and embrace a healthier, more authentic M/s lifestyle, and to find a Master whom I can have a relationship with.

What surprised me the most? It’s his ability to make the sessions feel so natural, even when discussing the most intimate and challenging topics. His humble yet knowledgeable approach creates a space of trust and openness.

So, to anyone considering Slave Phil’s coaching, I’d say go for it. His blend of professional experience, psychological insight, and heartfelt guidance is rare and incredibly valuable. Whether you’re looking to deepen your role as a Master or a slave, Slave Phil is the guide you want on your journey.

My dominant side was there all along. Now that I know this, there is no going back for me!

Master M

I had had all sorts of kinks but experienced my first power dynamic relationship only recently and wanted to go further.

When reading Master/slave Lifestyle and seeing some of slave Phil’s videos on Instagram talking about blockers we can have, I found myself really relating to what he said. 

Through the coaching, Phil has helped to have:

  • A better understanding of my role as Master / Dom
  • A better filter troughs profiles and opportunities
  • Accept that nobody is perfect

The wish list document he helped me create is like a door to my mind, and going past the coaching session, I’ll keep it alive, using it as a journal for future experiences, thoughts and highlights.

Phil adapted my coaching sessions to my specific situation, his experiences and input were always on point.

And through the sessions, he then helped me realise my dominant side was there all along. Now that I know this, there is no going back for me!

Try it out, even if it’s just a coaching session. You’ll see results.

Master M

I am now going out on the fetish scene, making friends and arranging times to visit and serve Masters!


I was also curious to go down the rabbit hole of personal coaching with Phil and see what it might turn up. I knew that I was conflicted about my sexuality and my upbringing, and at the age of 50, I felt that now was a good time to leave the past behind and step into a future that was integral to my individuality

Now, I can more easily prioritise my life based on personal integrity and beliefs about myself that I have formed through coaching with Phil. My self-esteem has increased as it is based on my own self-values, not the values placed upon me by society, family or friends.

And because of this, I am now going out on the fetish scene, making friends and arranging times to visit and serve Masters!

You can trust Phil. He is someone with a wealth of life experience who isn’t an angel or a devil but a bit of both and just needs you to show up as you are.

Phil provides a strong circle of trust that allows you to open up to him, confident that Phil will honour all of you, no matter what feelings that might come up.


I can now celebrate my own uniqueness

slave ric

As a slave who has come out of a 24/7 relationship and being naturally submissive, I have found that the coaching sessions with Phil have enabled me to celebrate my own uniquenesses, feel positive about myself and share these feelings openly with new friends.

This encouragement has allowed me to get back to being more of an extrovert person with friends and acquaintances I want to be around. I personally have begun to share with friends a few understandings that Phil has encouraged me to bring to the forefront of my life.

As a submissive, I was worried about whether the coaching sessions would be fruitful for me.

To my surprise, they have been bountiful.

I encourage anybody interested in discovering more about themselves to move past a difficult life or traumatic event to approach Phil for guidance.

Thank you Phil for your guidance and astute knowledge.


He helped me unleash my beast while keeping me grounded in kindness”

Coaching with slave phil has vastly expanded my appreciation of not only the Master/slave dynamic but also myself. I have greater confidence and a better understanding of M/s dynamics. I use it to get fantastic reactions from my slave – from huge emotions to amazing scenes. I never believed the loving-kindness ritual Phil gave could have such a reaction with my slaves.

Coaching with slave phil has helped me increase my confidence and control of myself as a Dom and Master.

As well as providing knowledge on how I can Master slaves in the ways that suit me, the coaching with slave phil has expanded not only the breadth of my relationship with my slave but also the depth.

Phil helped me to safely access and unleash my beast while keeping me grounded in kindness, along with a more profound and heart-based sense of responsibility for my slaves.

I would tell someone considering coaching that if they are serious about M/s relationships, the insight of slave phil has been of immense benefit.

Sir Benjamin

“I now know my future”

As a 24/7 slave, being able to talk and openly explore every aspect of my life, including BDSM, which is core to my identity and lived experience, was wonderfully liberating and sustaining. 

It’s given me confidence and permission to express that my needs are valid and need to be taken into consideration from those around me.

Your coaching allowed me to explore and identify my core needs and roles in my life – both slave and mainstream – and map out options and actions for the future.

Now I have a much better idea of who I am and how to express this to those around me!

slave b

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So are you ready?

  • Are you ready to transform
  • Are you ready deeper than you ever thought was possible?
  • Do you want to start living the life that will give you joy?
  • Are you ready to begin?

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