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Who is it for?

For Master/slaves and Dominants/submissives wanting a relationship

People who want to bring kink into their relationships or explore outside them

People who want to find special someone for more intense play

What will you get

Masters/ Dominants

  • Know when your time is being wasted
  • Get slaves to understand me and want to serve me
  • Find the right slave for me

Slaves/ Submissives

  • Have the confidence to meet up with a Master
  • How to feel safe
  • How to have your unique fetishes understood and fulfilled
  • Find the right Master for you


  • Have the right expectations
  • Best ways to deal with a long-distance relationship
  • How to deal with polyamory

Course Contents

1. M/s Lifestyle explained

  • The reality of the Master/slave Lifestyle explained
  • The archetypal Master
  • The archetypal slave
  • Is it ok for a slave to have needs?
  • Is it ok for the Master to pleasure and fulfil a slave?
  • Can a Master be vulnerable?

2. Why journaling is essential for the Master/slave journey

3. Am I ready

  • Am I ready to look for a Master/slave relationship
  • Moving from fantasy to reality
  • Dealing with Fear and Shame
  • Being open to your partner about fetish needs
  • Drama triangle
  • Am I too…
    • Old, young, fat, skinny, etc.

4. Advertising yourself

  • What are my needs for a M/s relationship
  • Dealing with unique fetishes
  • Creating a profile
  • More detail – a Master/slave resume
  • Communicating through pictures
  • Watch out for dangerous people

5. Talking with someone

  • Building trust and confidence while not wasting time
  • What questions to ask
  • Polyamory
  • Monogamy  
  • The Coffee meetup

6. First meetup

  • Negotiating the first scene/meetup
  • Dealing with long-distance relationships
  • What can go wrong
  • The Master’s need to possess
  • Moving to the next meetup when there is good chemistry

7. Dating

  • Getting to know each other
  • More intense play
  • How to keep things going in a long-distance relationship

8. Evolving the relationship

  • Training collars
  • Discovering what each other needs
  • Further negotiation and going deeper

9. Going serious

  • What does this mean
  • Moving in
  • Ensuring the relationship can continue to evolve
  • Visa, Health insurance 
  • Fear of realising this could really happen