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Master/slave Lifestyle takes the security of your data seriously and stores it securely using the 3rd party survey system.

Your data will remain confidential and will not be sold to any third parties. We may occasionally use the data to create anonymized summaries to educate the community.

Occasionally you might receive an email targeted at an area of improvement you might have. If you do not wish for this, if you do not wish to receive these sort of notifications, you can opt-out anytime.

Your email address is required to send you a complimentary book on the survey’s theory. Additionally, we will use it to notify you of new content on Master/slave However, if you do not want to receive these notifications, you can opt-out anytime.

The survey is based on Jungian psychology’s male archetypes, reinterpreted into a Master/slave context. We designed the survey to test for specific aspects based on these archetypes. As more people respond, we will continue to adapt and refine the survey based on our findings.

The survey works best when answering “yes” or “no” questions. If you answered “sometimes” too many questions, your score might be lower.

Also, remember the survey has been created to help you identify improvement areas rather than to show how good you are. Therefore even if you are an experienced Master of many years, the survey is here to help you understand where you can further improve.

If you answered “sometimes” too many times when answering the questions, this might be the reason why you have more areas for improvement. Additionally, the survey was designed to identify potential pulls to the shadow, meaning you may have answered a question that indicates a pull towards manipulative behaviour. This does not necessarily mean you are manipulative, just that you have a potential pull towards it. It’s important to note that we all have these pulls.

Read the articles around the survey, listen to the podcast, or read the free book that is sent to you to further understand why you might have received the response you did.

The quiz contains some identical questions for both the Master and slave. However, the latter half of the quiz presents significant differences in the questions between Master and slave.

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