The Fetish Profile Check

Are you struggling to attract the right people with your profile?

Do you

  • Look at your messages with a sense of dread?
  • Get that buzz of excitement when you hear you have a new message from recon, only to be disappointed with another time-waster?
  • See an amazing Master, but you hide your inexperience because you fear they will not want to meet you?

Then is time for you to take the fetish profile check and understand why you’re

  • Struggling to attract Masters/slaves
  • Attracting Masters/slaves that always want something different
  • Attracting people that waste your time
  • Getting in the way of your search by hiding the truth about your real experience

After the Fetish Profile Check, you will learn why you haven’t been getting the quality matches you want, gain a new profile and a plan to get the Master/slave you want, all in less than an hour.

In less than an hour, you’ll have

  • A clear idea of how to communicate what you’re looking for 
  • Get a new profile that clearly describes what you want – even if you’re inexperienced
  • A plan on how to communicate with Masters/slaves with your new profile

How it works

  • You send me your current profile ahead of time (if you have one) and tell me what you are looking for and any specific problems you have
  • In the session, we perform a quick assessment of what you want, i.e. relationship or play sessions
  • How to communicate what you want if you are inexperienced or not sure
  • How to recognise authentic Masters/slaves and how to have a good opening conversation with them

It’s time to Upgrade your profile and finally attract Masters or slaves that will adore you