Two of the greatest myths that hold people back from being a Master/slave

There can be a lot of myths about what it is like to be a 24/7 Master/slave, which can hold many people back. Here are some of the most prominent.

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A Master cannot be vulnerable

A myth is that the Master is a god-like being who is always perfect. He has no issues and needs no help and support.

This is not true. Issues will come up. There will be situations the Master needs to support. Especially when it comes to living this as a 24/7 Lifestyle.

It is OK for a Master to need support, and it is OK for a slave to support a Master.

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Both Masters and slaves need to understand this. I have encountered situations where a Master has been open to a slave about an issue, and the slave has cut off contact. They did this because they felt the person could not be a proper Master if they had issues.

It can be challenging for a slave to understand a Master is human after all. There is a psychological process called projection where a slave will project a god-like view on the Master. And it can be challenging to realise the person is human after all.

For Masters, it is crucial to know that when this projection breaks, if the Master has become too narcissistic, they will struggle to cope with the fact that the slave no longer sees them as god-like. But this is for a future article.

But all successful long-term Master/slave relationships have dealt with this, and both Master and slave support each other through life’s issues.

You must be “on” all the time

Another myth is that in a 24/7 relationship, both Master/slave must be fully intense all the time.

This is not true. 24/7 Master/slave relationships have an ebb and flow where it can sometimes be intense. But also times where it is not.

This can happen daily with times that are much more low-key and times much more intense. But it can also happen over a week or month. For example, when the Master or slave is busy with work, things are less intense in the M/s relationship to not overstress either Master or slave.

So it is normal for many M/s relationships for the Master and slave to have moments such as:

  • Watching T.V. together
  • Eating dinner together
  • Sitting down to chat and talk about your day as normal couples would
  • And many other things!

Some M/s relationships, in general, can be more intense than others. But regardless of how intense or not, they all have this ebb and flow.

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