Creating a Master or slave resume

What can a slave offer a Master? We often focus on the sex, but service is much more than that. 

Serving a Master can be anything. From sex to being an object, to cooking, to cleaning, to anything.

So a good Master will want to know what you can offer them.

Last year this gave me the idea to write a slave resume. Different to a website profile and providing a deeper set of information to help the Master understand me better through a simple, clear document. In doing this, I also built on a lot of inner work I had been doing that year to try and understand myself better.

You can view my copy here:

So what did I put in it and why?

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Top section

All the words that define who I am. In this section, I tried to include all the different things I do. I felt this helped define who I am. It might be some Masters only care about the slave part. But I thought it was relevant to describe all of my “parts”.

I decided to define my parts comes from some work I had been doing with myself. I had felt I was splitting myself into two, my slave self and my other self, and that I had to choose between them.

Splitting myself in two was starting to harm my mental health – especially after I split up with my Master. Because of this, I decided to integrate all my parts.

As a slave, I can be all of these parts, and offer all of these aspects to the Master.


The summary was a way to try and tie everything together in a straightforward way. Like an abstract but written more compellingly.

I tried to be as truthful to myself as possible, so I start by describing myself as sensitive. As this is for someone looking for a 24/7 slave, I want to be true to who I am. 

What skills do I offer

I hope this is self-explanatory. I tried to think of everything I was good at doing, including skills, hobbies, and things that I have learnt at different points to give better service to a Master.

For example, when I was under the consideration of a Master, he wanted a slave that could give a good massage. So I then spent many hours learning how to massage so I could then serve Him that way.

If you do this and find your list is coming up empty, I would suggest looking at increasing the list. Try picking up hobbies and things you have always wanted to try. I was reading over the weekend how someone has viewed slaves at being very good at learning and doing a high number of different things. He said slaves are very good at picking up and learning new tasks while they wait to meet the Master they can serve 24/7.

You can also think about what would make you a better slave. Such as learning new skills like how to clean, or how to fold clothes. I would suggest reading Becoming a slave to help. Or something generic about how to be a good servant or butler.


Here I talk about what I can do in the BDSM category. Notice I am frank and candid about my endurance levels being less. I deliberately do not exaggerate, and I specify where I am struggling.

At the bottom of the section, I also explicitly state I am happy to learn and have my experience expanded, so there is no doubt for the Master reading this. It is often better to be explicit about these things.

To learn

In this section, I am honest about what I think I need to learn to serve someone. I include this to allow the Master to know that I want to learn how to serve Him better and that I know there will be much to learn to change my service to be what He wants.

It also shows how critical service is to my slavery, and explain how I think about what I need to do to serve a Master well – this might not be true for all people.

My strengths and my values

Because I work as a coach, I do lots of work on identify peoples strengths, values and beliefs. So I also use these tools on myself to understand myself better and to develop myself. Therefore, I know my own strengths and values well.

I like including this as it shows to a Master I try and work to understand myself. It also helps give Him a more in-depth insight into me.

I did not include my beliefs as I feel these are too personal to share with a stranger. These can be discovered later when trust has built.

slave’s needs

A controversial section. It can be quite common for a Master to say that a slave has no needs.

I disagree with this.

I believe we all have needs; even an absolute slave has needs – which are the ones listed in my CV. If a Master cannot provide these needs, that the slave cannot be a slave. 

A Master seeing this might disagree, but I hope a good Master would want to talk to me about it.


To help if someone wanted to search the CV for particular words. But it also allows the Master to understand what words I think are relevant, providing Him with more insight about me.

The overall CV

You can see I kept the CV to one page, and it is very concise, simple and easy to understand. Like any CV, do not overdo it.

I also did not include too much information. Part of this is to keep things clear and concise. But also to protect myself. There are certain things you do not tell someone until trust has built more. So although the CV is to share more, do not share too much.

No negative things

As I looked through the CV writing this article, I saw that I did not include any negative bits about myself.

I am in two minds, whether one should include. A CV is an advert about yourself, and you do not usually put things in that put people off. 

But I do wonder if you have absolute limits you should include those. If you do – perhaps say you are happy to talk why they are there so the Master knows they can get more context from you as to why.

The process is important

Although the final CV is an important artefact, the process of creating is an important one. It allows you as a person and slave to really figure out what you can offer a Master. It allows you to figure out who are you, and it allows you to understand what are you offering to the Master when you offer yourself.

So take your time, and keep iterating and changing it as you develop and grow so it can reflect this.

Should a Master have a CV?

I think a Master should. What skills does the Master have, what is He still learning, and what is essential to know about him?

It would be delightful to see such a thing.

I would say that there are many more slaves for any Master, so there is less reason for a Master to do this. But when it comes to the 24/7 lifestyle, the numbers are much more equal. So if you are a Master looking for a 24/7 slave, perhaps consider creating one.

As it is a Master, perhaps it should not be a CV, but have another name. Maybe a Master’s Bio, or a Master’s Digest. What do people think?

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