Books for the BDSM Book club

Join Our Special BDSM Book club on the Master/slave lifestyle

Note: The BDSM Book club is being replaced with the Master/slave support group – check it out here.

Every two weeks, there is now a BDSM book club for gay male-identified men. A small special group of like-minded people get together virtually every two weeks to discuss a chapter or two from a book related to the Master/slave lifestyle.

Currently, we have members from the USA, Australia and Berlin that take part.

How does the Master/slave BDSM Book club work?

We meet online every two weeks at 5pm Berlin Time, 8am PCT for one hour. We tend to cover only one to two chapters at a time. This keeps the stress down as you will only need to spend one hour max reading the chapters before we meet.

We make sure that if you want to take part, you do not need to read all the book to participate in the discussion – just the chapter in question.

If you would like to take part, please contact me.

What are we reading?

The Ethical Slut (You can read the first chapter here in the Look Inside link).

If you are in a relationship with more than one person, or you are considering a relationship with more than one person, then I recommend this book as a must-read. It talks about the intricacies of polyamorous relationships. It is very open about the issues that can exist, including jealously and people deal with these issues.

I am still not sure if want to join the BDSM Book club…

Why don’t you join us for a meeting and find out? No need to read the book. But you can join our discussion and then decide if you want to buy the book and join the book club properly.