How do I open my existing relationship to a Master/slave?

It is vital to plan the conversation. When your spouse hears you want to open the relationship up, they can naturally think you do not want them anymore. It is essential to understand their feelings and assure them. 

Explain why and what this means to the relationship – i.e. you still want them. You might also need to explain more about what it means to want a Master/slave.

Do not get caught up in what you want and keep pushing that forward.

People can often ask the following questions:

  • Is our relationship at risk
  • What if you like the other person more

If you want to be a slave

  • what if a Master does not want you to have a relationship with me
  • what if a Master wants to involve himself in our relationship (as a note, any ethical Master should not. My recommendation if a Master does this is to break the relationship off)

And as a Master:

  • So you want someone to live with us? What does this mean?

It is essential to listen to the spouse’s concerns and address them, and allow them to ask as many questions as they want – sometimes the same question many times.

Good value-driven ethics and communication are the crucial things you need to make open relationships work.

If you are thinking about opening up your relationship, perhaps check out the book Ethical Slut. 

I wish I had read this book years and years ago as it explained so much of what to do right.

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