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The loneliness of seeking something that is different – slave or Master

To seek something different is to become loneliness. To be different is to be set apart from others. As a slave finding his Master I feel this loneliness every day.

To be a slave seeking to live the lifestyle, to find a Master, is to be different; and to be lonely.

As I have slowly embraced my need to serve, not just in a session, or for play, but as part of my life; I have found myself set apart from others.

From those that live a normal life – seeking partners, children, cats and dogs (and occasionally a Volvo) – but also from the S&M scene.

In Europe, when you go to clubs, or to bars, almost everyone you meet is looking for a session. There are so few that want to live this life as a lifestyle.

I have been lucky to meet a precious few slaves who also want to live the life as a slave. Some have found their Masters. Some – like me – are still searching.  When we meet and talk we find a kindred spirit in the other. Something so rare we treasure when we find someone that is similar to ourselves.

We all have many things in common. But in the case of loneliness, we share that feeling we are different to everyone else. But we also share something else. Strength. Strength to live with the knowledge we are set apart. Strength to continue searching. Strength to be alone.

But in that loneliness and strength what are we doing? We are seeking. Why? So we are no longer alone, so we are no longer different.

As a slave we seek a Master. A Man we can serve, so we can finally feel complete. And a Master seeks a slave so He can finally feel complete.

That search must continue, but perhaps we should widen the search, to seek those few others that share our journeys; and perhaps in doing so, we will not feel as alone.

Part of the reason for this blog and community is to try and create a place where we can meet those others. We can share our thoughts and fears. We can help and support each other. And then perhaps, if we are lucky, although we are searching; we do so no longer alone.

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