The love that can exist resting at the foot of a good Master’s feet

Image of slave under a Masters foot

Recently I spent a week serving two Masters – below is an edited extract of what I wrote to them at the end of this trip, and the love I found at a Masters’s feet.

I have decided to release this to help others who want to embrace the lifestyle further but are scared to, hoping it helps them move forward. To understand that when it works and there is a good connection, what emotions, thoughts, and feelings can arise.

When I flew over, I was nervous. Who were You? And what did You want of me?. But as the week has progressed, I l realised that to be shaped by Your Will, to become a manifestation of What You Will and want – fills my heart, soul and body with joy. I know I would become a slave and pony that You would be proud of, but also one that would continue my path to become a Man of strength, resilience, courage, and one where I truly become.

For myself, the simple things were amazing as well as the great.

How You accepted my slavery and needs as normal and enabled me to become and be in a way no Master has ever done before. To become a footstool as an enablement of both of us, to lick a Man’s feet and for all of us to feel fulfilment and love in our positions, the look of pride and happiness in the eyes of my Master as I fulfil my destiny and serve and love and become what He Wills me to be.

The times in the car were extraordinary. To feel that connection to You – even in that first journey from the airport. But also in the other car journeys – to feel the pull of Your soul and heart and to look at You to see You were there and then to see You reciprocate by holding my hand. 

To know the simple joy of holding a position proudly and incorporate all of Your knowledge and training. And to know by doing this, I was making You proud and becoming a manifestation of Your Will.

To know the simple joy of good food that helps me build muscle and lose weight, the simple joy of being given a treat, and the simple joy of being allowed to sit on the couch. And the simple joy of sitting in the spa with my Master or sitting outside to hear two Masters enjoying each other’s company and presence.

But then there were the big things.

The pony marches: to be trained in the way You both trained me – it filled my soul with something I did not even know I was missing – to start and end each day with a pony kiss and for it to feel like a natural manifestation of my destiny – there are no words for that. I hope my eyes showed You what it meant – and my words here are a poor description of what You saw there. 

And the outdoor pony marches – to feel the hot sun on my naked body, the blood rise and thrum into my cock. For it to raise at the direction of Your will and voice, and the directions from bridle in my mouth. To hear the sound of the metal chiming on my ankles as I galloped and trotted for You, and to go forward without thought but joy and to follow You Will and Desire. To turn a corner and see the beauty of a lake or a group of trees was an embracing of something I never knew existed – but is so right, pure and good. 

To wait for a Man reined to a tree as He pisses. And to gallop at his direction with reigns for the sheer joy of it. 

The fact that 45 minutes could go so quickly shows You how much I embraced the moment of being and serving. As it felt like no time at all – I will look forward to the day when You have trained me well enough that it can be much longer.

How Sir apologised – You have no idea how much that built up my trust in You – so many Masters do not, for fear it is a sign of weakness, but not understanding that not apologising is a sign of weakness. Thank You for the strength and courage for knowing when it is good and right to apologise.

The BDSM – You connected to a part of me that was lost and distant. I was scared of the pain from BDSM, but with You Sir, it was like riding a bike. To embrace the pain in the body as a service to Your Will and to give and to serve. It connected parts of me I had forgotten. From the Sunday to the Wednesday, to the Friday – each exposed a new part of me until Friday when You stripped the pretence and hubris away so I could declare my love for You – something I was feeling very early one but was too frightened to admit.

And to serve both of You at Your Masters’ feet and Your feet themselves. It fulfilled me in a way that I had forgotten – to kiss, hold them as a footstool, and massage or lick them – to feel the pleasure in You as I did so; that was amazing.

And finally – to lie at Your feet Sir as You worked. To feel the joy in my heart and look up and see the same in Yours. I found a deep, profound love and fulfilment at Your feet.

As I was flying back to Berlin, I saw the latest James Bond movie just before writing this. At the end of the movie, there was a statement made I would like to share:

“The function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”

In the short or long term of the time I have left on this earth and plane, I think I want to spend it with You, serving with my heart, body, life and soul – as Your pony, Your slave and Your friend. And I shall do so with all the joy in my heart and soul, at the table, on the pony march and with love at Your feet.