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Linking meditation to serving

Now we need to take these meditation skills and apply them to service. I have split these into steps that can be linked to the meditations above. I hope by doing this step by step you can build these skills.

These steps as detailed appear simple, and if you have done your practice as detailed above, I hope you now can understand what you need to do. But if you have not yet done the practice you may not be able to understand, or deeply understand, what you need to do. 

This is part 3 of a set of articles teaching this skill.

And if you are a Master then find out how mindfulness could help you.

Step 1

Through the breathing and body scan, you can become more aware of your thoughts when serving. By meditating for a number of weeks now you should have a greater mindfulness of your thoughts. Perhaps in bondage you can move yourself into meditation and are able to rest you mind and be calm (as long as someone is not beating your balls). Or perhaps you feel in a calmer clearer place where you can focus on Master more.

And in general you should find yourself able to focus on You Master much better and with far less distraction.

Step 2

Become aware of the sensations in your body including those from your emotions. The sensations can be physical – perhaps pain in a scene.


When feeling pain view this as energy you can stream through your body, and out of it through your hands, feet and head. You will find that by accepting this pain as energy and learning to channel it, you can actually take much more pain. You will also find that start to view the experience much differently, and it become more intense (in a positive way).

This is also really useful for a slave/sub who may struggle to take pain, and help them find a way to process it which links into service to the Master. 


Start to become aware of the emotions that arise during serving. Again see these emotions as energy that you can pipe through your body. Energy that can help you serve better. 

We will expand this further in step 4.

Step 3

When serving become aware of your heart centre – the place you use in the loving kindness meditation. 

I believe the heart centre, this unconditional love, is also the heart of slavery. This is the central source of the connection a slave has to worship and serve its Master. 

Channel the energy from your heart centre (the heart of slavery) to Your Master when serving Him. When sucking His cock or worshipping His boots, give out this energy to your Master from your heart centre.

When ironing or cleaning the dishes link to this heart centre and give out energy to the Master you serve.

Step 4

Channel the energy in your body to power your heart centre more.


So when feeling pain, use the energy of this to power your heart centre, and to connect even more to your Master. You will find that rather than hindering your service the energy makes you able to give more.

When I was putting myself back together after my slave self had been broken, one of the biggest issues I had was to take pain again. Whenever I felt pain from a Master I could not help but cut off all connection to the Master and internally try and deal with the pain. I knew it was different to how I had dealt with pain before, but could not figure out what was different.

But after learning mindfulness I tried the loving kindness meditation in an electro scene, and to my surprise I was able to channel the pain across by body. In doing so I was able to take far more pain, and to remain connected to the Top that I was serving at that moment.


You can use the energy of the emotions in your body to give more to the Master. So as you feel emotions you can drive this energy to your heart centre to serve the Master better.

An example of this is feeling bored. For example you have been sucking cock for a while now, or perhaps worshipping His boots, and part of your mind is getting bored and wanting to move onto something else.

Being mindful you become aware of feeling bored. But rather than telling yourself off for feeling bored, you instead become mindful of the energy that this has in your body, and then you channel it as energy to the Master through your heart centre.

By doing this you take a negative emotion (in terms of service) – feeling bored – and pipe it into energy to the Master.  When I do this I find that I am able to put in more energy and focus to the Master. I start to convert everything I am feeling into energy to the Master.

And you can do this for any emotions: joy, excitement, nervousness etc. Even the sexual energy of feeling horny – you can channel all of it into energy to serve the Master better.

Step 5

This should only be for people you really trust. To let go of your mind and become submerged into your emotions.

As you become more aware of the emotions in your body when serving and powering them to your heart centre, you are keeping a mindfulness on all of this. 

But with a Master you can trust you can now let go of being mindfulness. Instead submerge yourself into the emotions. Become one with you body and the physical sensations and feelings and emotions.

True slavery is about emotions and feelings. The thought becomes secondary. With a Master you can trust, you can let go and allow Him to think for you. To allow His orders, needs and wants to drive your actions. And you become a vessel of all of your emotions, and you allow that energy to drive your service.

A good Master will take this energy and craft it into the service He wants from You.

For me I met an amazing Master in Berlin, and when I served Him He wanted me to let go of myself and submerge into the feelings and emotions. Now at first I did not let go completely as I only had just met Him. So there was always a part of my mind that was observing and making sure I was safe.

But over 2-3 months the trust grew. I was still living in London at the time, and I would come to Berlin to visit for a few days. For one of these visits, rather than being very centred I was actually very distressed due to a very unpleasant piece of news I’d received in London the day before I flew over.

I was worried that I was not going to be able to serve Him well. But a slave I knew very helpfully reminded me that it is up to the Master to take what is in the slave to craft it into service, it is not up to the slave to decide what to give up not. The slave gives all.

So I meditated before I went over to see Him and held all of my emotions in me, recognised them as energy. Both the good and bad. Then I walked over to His playroom and gave all to Him. I found I now trusted Him enough to give everything and to stop thinking about it. Instead I truly became the emotions and energy in my body and focussed everything on giving to Him in my heart centre, and in putting all my energy to carrying His orders out. It was an amazing experience for both of us.

This removes the filter we have to keep our emotions in check. For example once I had served Him and I had remembered at one point I felt I could not serve the Master well enough. At the end of the session I mentioned this to Him and instantly burst into tears. The Master hugged me and said he was very happy and proud of my service, the tears disappeared, and I was very happy. There was no filter between my emotions and actions, and the Master through a hug, and kind word, could completely change how I was feeling instantly. The Master truly had control of all of me at that point.

Your reaction

When doing this, you can channel a lot of emotion and energy, and sometimes you body can react to this. For me I find sometimes I start to cry. I am not feeling upset, or sad, but the sheer amount of emotion I am feeling at this moment means my body processes it my crying. I know someone else who can start laughing hysterically, and someone else who find their eyes slide upwards to the back of their head.

Once when I was serving my Master, I had taken off His boots as ordered and kissed His feet and just started to cry from the sheer joy and richness of that moment.

Another way this energy can affect the body is my entire body can start shaking from the amount of energy in me. This often happens to me when I am having in an intense meditation, but it has happened in a session with a Master.

This can also happen with being over sensitised with physically sensations, pain, caressing, or just lots of touching. So both emotion and what is happening physically to the slave can lead to these amazing moments.

If you have not experience this before, it can be scary at first. Both for slave and Master so do be aware of how you might react.

If you are scared or worried about what happened please talk to each other. Sometimes people can feel embarrassed or upset about their reaction. I know for me I felt very scared the first time I randomly burst out crying.

The best way to deal with these worries are to talk about them.


These practises when learnt can lead to amazing experiences but there are some things to watch out for.


If you are depressed be careful about some of the meditations. It you focus on the feeling of depression you can end up falling deeper and deeper into depression. So I advice you to be careful of meditations 1 and 2.

Instead spend much more time on meditation 3 and focus on feeding you body with positive energy from your heart centre. 

Feeling very nervous or scared

As with depression sometimes focussed on an emotion can make it stronger. If you are feeling very nervous or scared, you may find if you focus on it, you end up feeling more nervous and more scared.

In these cases do not do focus more of the emotion, but instead focus on the loving kindness and fill your body with this energy.

High trust

Step 5 leads you be incredible open and vulnerable to the person you are serving at the time. Make sure that you really trust this person before you open up. When you are this open someone could cause great harm and pain, and unfortunately the scene is full of Masters who are not good. My story of my slave self being broken is an example of trusting someone too quickly, too deeply when I should have been much more careful.

Whereas with the Master in Berlin I trained with Him for many months before trusting Him enough to open myself so completely to Him.

Also make sure when doing this, you have someone who is capable of handling situations with such high emotion. There can be people who call themselves Master and are too immature emotionally to deal with this intensity. Do not use or trust this approach with them.

For those who are capable, they may not know how to handle it what the slave become overwhelmed with emotion, as they may not know what is going on, and become worried. This is good as the Master is caring for the slave. In these situations both Master and slave should talk afterwards and understand what is happening, and to learn from it for next time.

I was lucky. When I burst into tears at my Master feet He lent over to me and said: “Welcome home, “ and I loved Him even more for doing so.


I hope this article makes sense, and the practices described within it open up an amazing new world for you.

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