How To Make An Actual Gay Muscled Slave

Male doing a heavy squat - how to become a gay muscled slave

How many of us have the fantasy to transform a man into our owned gay muscled slave or for a slave to become a gay muscled slave themself? For many such as me, it can be a strong part of the pull to slavery. To be transformed mind, body and soul. But can fantasy become a reality? How does one actually go about creating a muscled slave?

But there is very little information on how someone might do this; I hope this article helps inform people as to what is possible and where one can find the best expert recommendation. Plus how this can work in a Master/slave relationship.

Due to my preference of wanting to add serious muscle like a body builder, most of this guide is around this. If you just want a lean slave, this article may not be for you.

Disclaimer: In all things related to health, please see a doctor or medical professional before starting exercise!

In this article

  • All body types are acceptable
  • Look for a slave with the right mindset – rather than the body
  • Nuritional information
  • Using gym weights
  • Setting up your own equipment at home/ dungeon playroom

All body types are acceptable

Before I go into depth, I wanted to recognise that this article might trigger people. Most of us do not have the body of a greek adonis. And many of us can feel very triggered that we cannot.

For myself, I have always struggled to get the “perfect body”, and since I broke up with my Master a few years ago, it has felt even more distant, partly because of my health and partly because of intense ongoing stress in my life for the past 4 years.

But there has also been much success in my journey, putting on 20kg of muscle, losing my body fat, and seeing the look of pride in my ex-Master when I moved here to Berlin and He saw my trained chest.

But for someone like me, it is the journey that matters. The attempt and the effort. That is what brings me joy. To accept who I am now, and strive for what I can become.

And for anyone that is more in-depth in the more serious side of BDSM and Master/slave, it is quite clear that any body type is welcome and seen. Not just one.

So as I write this article, it is not to say that all slaves must be muscled, or that only one body type is acceptable. But for those who want to choose this, or to attempt this, This article is here for those who want to attempt this and would like some help and support in the right direction.

Look for a slave with the right mindset – rather than the body

Sometimes I think people fall into the trap of waiting for the perfect gay muscled slave that wants 24/7 to appear. However, trying to find any 24/7 slave is rare, let alone one with a perfect muscled body.

Another fact to reflect on is that many slaves need a Master to perform at their best. It is not a coincidence that when I’ve had the best body I’ve ever had, it has been when I am serving a Master. It is less the case when I am not serving a Master.

So a Master should look for potential. How capable is a slave of changing under your direction? This can be as simple as directing a slave to prove they can lose weight, and over some time, seeing that the slave does this. It might also be commanding a slave to go to the gym to put on muscle.

What you want to find out is

  • Will they try
  • How successful are they in the attempt

I have broken this down into two criteria because if someone does not know how to train well, they might not be particularly successful. But if you can see the slave is trying, you then might need to equip them with more knowledge to be successful.

The other thing I can personally attest to is that serious training can lead to injuries, holding back someone’s training. When it is the man against weighted metal – the metal often wins.

For myself, when I was under the consideration of one Master – over the 3-4 months serving Him – I lost a considerable amount of weight. All I need was his direction and a man to please, and it became effortless to train and diet.

Three main things are needed to create a gay muscled slave and body

Created a muscled body requires three things:

  • The right food
  • Training with weights to the point it hurts
  • Consistency of the first two.

I would say eating the right food is 60%, the gym is 15%, and consistency is 25%. To be honest, the percentages are made up and not based on any science. But it is to illustrate my firm belief on how important diet and consistency are. Going to the gym is only a small part of the holistic whole. 

Nutritional information for a gay muscled slave

Showing a variety of food

So how do you make sure that the right things are being eaten? I would refer everyone to this resource – This is a fantastic resource, and it was through his free book, I started to understand about macros, calories, etc.

I do not want to repeat the information here that is in the book. But essentially, if you want to lose weight, you need to make sure you are in a calorie deficit. And if you want to gain muscle, you need extra calories.

When it comes to building muscle – the amount of protein is significant. Putting a slave on a low protein diet while asking them to build muscle is destined for failure.

There is also the concept of macros: how much calories a person receives through protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Find the right combination is essential to lose weight or gain muscle.

This is important as some people (such as me) can be more carb sensitive which means the number of carbs much be kept lower, but then other macros (in my case protein) increased to attain the needed amount of calories.

So I suggest reading the free book and using his calculators to find the best break down that works for you or your slave.

Note that I have not mentioned any particular diet. Most diets are as good or as bad as each other. Know your goal, how many calories you need to eat, what combination of macros, and then keeping this all consistent. And then find the combination that is most effective.

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Most diets succeed when you can have a treat meal (or beer). So a good diet makes sure you can do this. As a Master controlling a gay muscled slave, it can be an excellent way to reward a slave. If they have tried and served well, you can allow them a treat. I remember one Master saying I had done well and could have a slice of cake at the cafe where I usually wrote my diary in London. He could sense how excited I was and told me: “You are starting to understand what it means to be property.” So diet, control, reward and training a slave can all combine nicely.

Bring in humility and depravity for your muscled slave

I have always liked the idea of sorting out slave macros and calories and creating a slave gruel that can be used. It can be premade in bulk, put in the freezer in portions, and then bought out for the slave to eat from a dog bowl when needed. 

Using gym weights

Picture of a man holding dumbbells

When building muscles, you need to use gym exercises. When it comes to muscle building, there is the concept of the Big 5.

These all have variants, such as incline press, and often you would use a variety of these in one session.

Gym programmes can differ in many ways, but a straightforward breakdown could be:

  • Day 1: Chest day with tricep
  • Day 2: Back day with bicep
  • Day 3: Shoulder day with calves
  • Day 4: Leg day (with nothing else as leg day kills you!)

You can swap things around, such as doing biceps on chest day and triceps on back day. And you might have multiple days where you do the same muscle groups but with different exercises.

How does a gay muscled slave learn to do the big 5 correctly?

Get a personal trainer to teach you. From my point of view, there is no point in using videos. You need someone there to guide you and stop you from making mistakes that can cause injury.

Find a personal trainer who knows this, understands your aims, and, very importantly, proactively checks and helps you improve your form (how you do the exercises. You do not need to keep them forever; you just need them just enough to train you to do these exercises well.

It can be tempted to find the personal trainer you fancy or like the look of. Instead, look for the personal trainer who proactively interacts with their clients checking the form and helping them improve, instead of a trainer who looks vacantly into space or on their phone while someone does the exercise. 

If you have been trained to do these exercises well, it can also help get top-up lessons after a while. After COVID is done, I will be finding a coach as I believe my form is no longer good enough, and I need to be retaught a good form of exercise.


If you are a beginner, you might think the form is not that important, but the more weight you start to push, the more critical form becomes. Doing an overhead shoulder press with 40kg compared to 10kg is far more unforgiving of mistakes. 

Excercise so it hurts

When you want to build muscle, you want to be exercising, so the final reps are painful (reps are one iteration of an exercise – i.e. one pushup). So if you do a session and do not sweat and feel no pain, you are probably not working hard enough. Bodybuilding is painful – and you need to learn to channel the pain.

From a BDSM point of view with often need to channel the pain we can feel as slaves. A similar technique to bodybuilding works very well.

But saying that, if you are entirely new to bodybuilding – start slowly and slowly build up your stamina. Going too intense too quickly means you might injure yourself.

Sleep and water

You need to make sure that you are drinking lots of water – approx 8 litres per day – but this differs from person to person. When wanting to build muscle, it is essential to stay well hydrated.

If you are training to high intensity, you also need to make sure you are getting enough sleep – typically 8 hours. When you train intensely, you will feel you need this sleep as well. For example: when I was younger, I need approx 6-7 hours of sleep a night. But when I started bodybuilding, it was 8-9 hours. Nowadays I need more time as I am older. The body needs time to recover from serious training.

So a Master – you must be aware of this and provide the right rest time for a slave on a bodybuilding programme. It can also be a good excuse for some bondage!

Rest days

Rest days are also essential to give time for the body to recover. And over more extended periods, it is good to reduce your training for 1-2 weeks very 6-8 weeks to provide your body with a longer time to recover. If you are training hard, you will feel like you need it.

Watch out for bro-science

Bro-science is the myths and bullshit you can come across on many bodybuilding forums. Most people often do not know what they are talking about, and you should always seek a qualified professional to help you or seek authoritative sources of information.

Setting up your own equipment at home/ dungeon playroom for a gay muscled slave

My home gym
My new home gym – to train myself and other gay muscled slaves

For myself, I have also wanted to create a system where a gay muscled slave could train at home, so they could stay chained and in full control. As a result, I thought extensively on what would be needed to train a body in an dungeon gym.

When you search for home gym equipment, you often see pictures such as this. Vast pieces of expensive equipment look fantastic, yet they will always go wrong because they are so complex.

You also need to consider what you are trying to do with a slave. If you want a thin slave that is toned, cheaper equipment can work. But if you want a bodybuilder that can push over 100kg of weight and is 100kg themselves – you need to make sure the equipment you buy can support that weight (both the weight of the slave and the weight its pushing).

For example, it is straightforward to find cheap gym benches on amazon. But when you look at them, often the load they can take is limited (though as I write this article I have found something quite nice). For someone like me, they are not suitable as my combined weight with the weight I would push exceeds their limits.

Over winter, I spent some time creating a home gym for use in a play space. Here is what I think is essential, with a focus on bodybuilding and building lots of muscle. If you have space, you can add far more, but I believe this is the minimum.

Olympics bars

Olympic bar

Olympic bar – these are 220cm (86inch) in length – so they might be too large, but you can get smaller ones such as this. I prefer a balanced bar as I can load weights on each side, and the bar does not become unbalanced. Often smaller and cheaper bars are not balanced, so if you put 20kg on one side, it tips over.

The smaller bars usually are still wide enough that it is not possible to load 20kg on either side at the same time. So then it can become complicated to load a bar safely on your own.

Weights for the bar

Gym plates

Weights for the bar: You need various weights, from 20kg discs to 2.5kg discs. Often you can buy a pack, and then you can keep buying supplement weights in the future if needed. Iron plates are normally cheaper, and then the nicely coloured one you find in the gym are much more expensive but purchasable as well.

Gym bench

gym bench for a gay muscled slave

Gym Bench – can come flat or with an option to have flat or incline. Make sure you buy one that supports the needed or future weight. I bought a cheaper incline bench from, and it works well, but it is bulky. From my learning, I have thought the next time I might buy just a flat bench as they are less bulky and therefore easier to store away upright or go for an expensive unbulky incline bench.

Benches, of course, can also be good for other things in BDSM!

Squat/Bench rack – I have bought these. They allow me to do shoulder press and squats, along with bench press and tricep bench exercises. They were reasonably cheap and effective but could be a bit taller for someone of my height. You can buy cheaper squat racks with a bar to connect them, but most times the bar was too narrow in order to allow me to chest press effectively.

But my long term plan is to buy a foldable squat rack. The benefit of this is that it can fold to the wall to be stored away, creating lots of space. It can be used for squats, bench press, and shoulder press exercises. But it also could be used as a bondage rack, general bondage and (I think) suspension when the rack is unfolded. I did not buy this straight away because of the cost and the difficulty of getting something like this installed during a lockdown.

With all the equipment so far I have described, you can do the Big 5 exercises – plus things such as biceps and tricep bar curls.

What else

Dumbbell weights
  • Dumbells – I have bought these where you can see I can add and take the weight off them. It is a bit annoying having to unscrew and screw them each time, and you have to have a place to store the small discs you are not using. I bought these as they were in stock – as, during the lockdown, most dumbells have been out of stock. But in the future, I would recommend something such as this or this. They are straightforward to change and easy to store. But for heavier weights, they can get pricey. For example I needed barbells to go up to 30kg, not the standard 22.5kg..
  • Small bar – I do not have one of these, but I would find it helpful to have; currently, I use the Olympic bar for bicep curls and such, but it would be much easier with a smaller bar. So it is not essential.
  • Padded flooring to dampen the weights, make the flooring better for kneeling, and clean up other fluids!
  • Resistance bands – can be used on their own or in combination with weights to increase the tension.
  • Dip and pull up bars – I have been told they can be very handy for bondage as well.
  • Mirror: To help with ensuring good form.
  • Storage for bars and weights – I currently have my weights all in a line on one floor. Notice the markings on the wall – I am less bothered about this, as this wall needs to be painted in any case. But going forward, I will want them stored in something like this
  • Places to attach chains to keep the gay muscled slave well secured!

This way, with a foldable squat rack, a bench I can store hanging on the foldable squat rack, and the storages of the bar and weights, you end up with very little space taken up by a lot of equipment. 

What else to watch out for:

Padded flooring

Make sure your floor and walls can support the weights. You might also need to change how to exercise – when doing a deadlift, I am not throwing weights to the ground, or any weight at all, as I do not want to piss off the neighbours.

Further links:

There are several websites around creating home gyms where you can find out more information.

And here are some links I have found for equipment in the USA and Europe.

I have naturally found more links for continental Europe and Germany, so there will be far more companies where you live. But please do your own research to find what is best for you.

Equipment USA
Equipment Europe

Consequences of a gay muscles slave

There can be some unintended consequences of being successful. If you like chains and irons, you need to make sure they are big enough. There have been a number of times a Master had to put the ankle irons on my wrists as I had put on enough muscle that even my were too big for average-sized hole.

So anything to do with size by need to be adjusted!

So if you want to create a gay muscled slave:

  • Make sure you have the nutrition sorted
  • Make sure you are doing the correct weight exercises and doing them with good form
  • And keeping all of this consistent
  • But also think how you can bring power exchange and play into this – i.e. the slave gruel.

If you want the slave to exercise in your own dungeon or play space – you now have a sound understanding of what equipment to buy.

So this is how you can move from fantasy to reality – enjoy!

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