Does a slave have needs?

In the more severe side of 24/7, you can come across people saying and writing that a slave has no needs.

They do this as a slave gives up on their own needs for the Masters.

But I do not believe this is quite true. I think that a slave does have needs.

What needs does a slave have?

I think a pure slave has at least these needs (there could be more):

  • to serve
  • to give
  • to help
  • control
  • structure
  • goals
  • direction
  • a Man to focus on
  • humiliation (more advanced)
  • debasement (more advanced)
  • health

If the Master does not fulfil these needs, can the slave be a slave? If the Master does not control a slave; if the Master does not give structure to a slave; if a Master does not allow the slave to serve Him, can the relationship be described as a power exchange?

A slave needs certain things to be a slave. And these things need to stay there for the person to continue to be a slave. Without these things, the slave cannot be a slave. It is not possible to achieve the mindset.

These needs may also require things such as punishment, correction, caging – for the slave to be a slave.

When a Master gives up and decides not to do fulfil these needs, then the relationship stops being a Master/slave relationship.

Therefore any Master needs to fulfil the base needs of a slave, and this needs to be done consistently and sustainably over time.

Not meeting the needs can create a toxic relationship. When using the kinky wheel of consent, needs are ignored when people go outside the circle.

Slaves are also people

Depending on the form of slavery, there are also other needs that the slave may have, and the Master needs to allow for those needs.

The Master decides when the needs are fulfilled, not the slave, but they must be met for the relationship to work well.

So the Master must be responsible for these as well.


A Master must take responsibility for ensuring that the slave’s needs are fulfilled, and this is true even in the strictest and most extreme of Master/slave relationships.

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