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Next Step Coaching Session

Have a 1:1 coaching session with me and discover your next step as a Master

In 50 minutes I can:

  • Build confidence and pride rather than conforming and feeling shame
  • Take action to find your slave or go deeper into life rather than staying still
  • Explore and discover your dark side rather than hide
  • Find your slave

In a safe & confidential session


How to Become a Master or slave Course

My online video course will help you in finding your Master making the fantasy a reality

With 2.5 hours of videos in small bite-sized chunks

  • Help you figure out what you want and how you can safely find it
  • How to deal with blockers, including shame and fear
  • Split large decisions into small easy steps


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The Signature coaching package

Transform yourself and make the fantasy a reality:

  • Unleash your beast in a safe and consensual manner and explore your dark side
  • Gain clarity so you can stop wondering what the other person is thinking or whether you keep doing something wrong
  • Build confidence and pride rather than conforming and feeling shame
  • Take action to find your slave or go deeper into life rather than staying still
  • Find your slave and fulfil your desires