6 steps to make a good fetish profile that attracts the right Master/slaves

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When moving into the Master/slave lifestyle, or the fetish/kink lifestyle in general, there is one thing we all need to do. Create a good fetish profile. Like them or hate them, they are a fact of life. And we want to create the perfect fetish profile that attracts the right Master/slave for us.

There are good profiles and bad profiles. But what do we mean when we say this?


I like to reduce this down to one key concept: credibility. A credible fetish profile increases trust in you as a Master or slave. Your profile and all your interactions with a potential partner should be to increase credibility.

You can increase your credibility with the following steps: 

  • Understand what makes your fetish profile credible
  • Understand what you want
  • Have a well-written kink profile
  • Have a helpful filtering mechanism to focus on the right people and Master/slaves
  • Have a good first message
  • Further increase credibility with your initial messages

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Understand what makes your fetish profile credible for Masters and slaves

The first step is to understand what makes a fetish profile credible.

Action: Go through the kink profiles you have been interested in before and split them into the following categories

  • Turned me on but ended up being fantasist/time Waster – this can include no initial reply or the fact a visit never happened due to the fact they were not real
  • Interested in me and have good chats and initial visit – even if it never worked out long term
  • Definitely a real Master/slave – even if it is not what I am looking for

Now look for common patterns in the different categories. 

For patterns you only find in profiles that turn you on but are timewasters – these patterns you want to view as signals that a profile has lower credibility, and make sure your own profile does not have these. Whereas for patterns found in the other categories, you want to adopt these when writing your profile to increase its credibility. And when looking at other profiles, look for these same patterns as signals that a profile is more credible.

Understand what you actually want to write a good fetish profile

Many of us can start with a fetish profile around kink play before wanting to find a 24/7 Master or slave. Or, as I mentioned in my Become a Master/slave course, when you first start looking for a Master/slave, you might not know what it is you really want, so you want to find to search for experiments and experiences.

Therefore, you must ensure your fetish profile is tuned to what it is you want to find. A kink profile written for play sessions or looking for experience is not a credible profile for someone looking for a 24/7 Master/slave and vice versa.

It can be an easy mistake to move from play to wanting something more intense or lifestyle related and not change your profile to be credible for the new use case.

So make sure to change and adapt your profile for what you are looking for.

In the section above, I suggested going through three categories of fetish profiles and looking for patterns. But you must also ensure the profile are for what you are looking for or want to be. A play profile differs from one looking for a relationship, and if you want to find the correct patterns for the right profiles!

Even if you know what you want, you must clearly express this. Use a tool such as writing a Master/slave resume and the questions to find out what you are doing. This tool is valuable as it helps clarify what it is you are looking for.

You can also use a service such as the Fetish Profile Check, where I ask you a series of powerful questions and help you to write a credible profile.

Have a well-written fetish profile

A well-written profile must have:

  • Use good grammar – lots of missing words or misspellings can indicate someone is writing a profile while very horny – and in general (though not always), this means they are not credible. I am not saying it needs to be perfect – I am terrible at catching all my mistakes – But the mistakes should not be endemic across the profile.
  • Use paragraphs and space out what you say – some people write the entire profile as one block of text. But this makes reading hard, and many people will give up.
  • Use a good layout, including headings and bullet points, if it helps with clarity.
  • Emojis can also help with clarity if used well and sparingly – often, the profile is already well written, and the emojis are used to improve clarity further.

Do not:

  • USE ALL CAPS FOR YOUR TEXT – AS IT IS VERY HARD TO READ. There are other ways you can make yourself dominate while not making your profile hard to read.
  • Do not have a profile that only consists of every keyword you can think of. Some profiles are just huge lists of keywords that tell you nothing about the person or if they are credible.

Have good photos on your fetish profile

One thing that makes a fetish profile uncredible is no photos – it is a clear sign of fakeness.

If possible, photos should be related to what you are looking for. I.e. as a slave, show yourself in submissive poses.

People can be scared of compromising themselves in photos on a fetish profile. One thing you can do is to have your face pic as a separate photo and other photos with some fetish action – where for example, you might be in a hood (if you were a slave).

I also spoke to a real Master who owns a 24/7 slave that cannot show his face photo because of his job, and I asked him how he builds credibility, and one thing he mentioned was to use a photo which cuts out the face. But when you start talking to someone, you share the same photo with your face. 

This helps build credibility as the person can easily see you are the same person.

Have a helpful filtering mechanism to focus on the right people

When you start to talk to people, have an efficient filtering mechanism to understand the different types of people you meet. I have created five main categories of people:

  • The Fantasist aka The Time Waster
  • The Unhinged
  • The Pysocpath / Crazy
  • The Curious (not ready to move forward but might be in the future)
  • The Real Deal

By identifying and understanding these different groups of people, you can focus on The Real Deal Master/slaves and, if you wish, The Curious. Focussing on the rights groups will save you time and energy.

Of course, you will not always get it right every time, so use each Master/slave to learn. When you think it is someone honest and they turn out not, look for a pattern to see if you can increase your learning. Also, do this when you think someone is a time waster and then realise they are real. You don’t want to filter too much either!

Free Webinar to create an amazing fetish profile and avoid time wasters

I am creating a webinar to provide more information on the different sorts of Master/slaves online and how to filter them, along with other tips on creating an amazing profile – if you are interested, register your interest here.

Have a good first message

When you reach out to a Master/slave, make sure your first message helps build on the credibility of your now credible profile.

I cannot repeat this enough. Do not. I repeat, do not have your message consist of only these words: “hi,” or “hi there.” It is one of the most infuriating messages anyone – Master, slave, dog or beast can get. And why is it so bad? Because it shows nothing about the interest, the person has you. It is like someone is speeding through profiles writing the least they can in the hopes of some response.

Instead, write a message that shows you have:

  1. Read the profile of the Master/slave
  2. What are you specifically interested in with the Master/slave
  3. What you are looking for and what you can offer

You can write part of this as a template if you wish to make things easier, but then for each person you like, you should customise it based on what you like about their profile.

This does not mean you will always get a positive response. It very much depends on the person you are talking to. Perhaps they are fake or look at your profile, and you are not what they are looking for (even if you think you are), or perhaps they are just having a bad day.

But you will stand out for sending a credible message.

Further increase credibility with your initial messages

The first message is only the first step. You must increase your credibility further if you have an initial positive response.

You can do this in your questions and in what you say. For example, one of the most significant issues a Master can face is becoming an extra in a slave’s fantasy. The slave projects what they want onto this person. Although, as a slave, I do not experience this as much – it can happen.

It can be so so easy to project our fantasies onto other people. But in reality, both Master and slave want to be seen and understood. What is important is that both sides listen and understand the other.

It can be a massive turn-on having these conversations with each other. But I advise at times to masturbate and cum, and then to look through the conversation again. Understand what has been really saying, so you can then ask questions about what was genuinely spoken about—things you might not see initially (when you are understandably turned on).

One trick Masters can use is to ask the slave to do things for them. I.e. when meeting up to come up with three cafes. Or to read a book (or my website) to ask questions.

The Master is checking if the slave is earnest. 

However, be careful here – choose suitable activities that are not too big and not choose things that might lead to a genuine no. For example, I once had a Master who tested me by saying I could not leave the chat we were having. I was ill and had two major workshops the next day I was doing on different sides of Berlin. He got a no as I needed to go to bed, but from his perspective, I had failed his test. From my perspective, he had failed me in understanding me.

For more help, check out:

Does this mean I will find many Master/slaves if I take these steps?

No, you will not. These recommendations help you find quality, credible people – the right people. Following the recommendations will position you as a fantastic credible option for the Master/slaves you are looking for. And in the end, this is what counts.

If you have seen my profile, you will see it is very, very niche – this means I do not get lots of contact from Masters (though I get lots from people who read or listen to MSL). But the ones I get are very much what I am looking for and have led to month-long trips to explore serving them! They lead to better experiences.

So tune your profile and enjoy the next steps!

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Are you ready to transform, go deeper and truly begin?

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  • PLUS a companion 8-day email course that you can enjoy alongside the book